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TEXT TOPIC: What did the babysitter do?

make us the worst macaroni and cheese with so much pepper on it, while we ate she would sit down at the TV and try to watch porn on the scramble channels.

my babysitter would play nice until my parents left the house, then she'd abused me, locked me in my room, didn't feed me but would dote upon my little sister cause she was cute and younger. I'd cry every time she came over and my parents didn't know why. I didn't tell them until years later.

my kindergarten babysitter taught me all about the birds and the bees-- Just told me about everything I didn't need to know then. Also remembered she told me there was a monster in her basement

So there was me and two boys we had a male babysitter he was probably a teenager well he played strip poker with us needless to say that was the last time he babysat

my mom would have my aunt babysat my sister and I sometimes. One day my mom came home and my aunt was asleep and my sister and I were watching Cops. We were 5 and 8 haha

we had a babysitter get my sister in the tub. The water was so hot it ended up burning my sister. The sitter never told my parents. My dad was so mad, he went banging on her door to confront her about why she didn't tell them.

My mom found out when my sister and I were in daycare (in the 90's) that the daycare person kept all the babies downstairs because they were annoying, and the other kids were forced outside so she could keep her house clean. Once my sister was old enough to speak up for us we were outta there!

my child spilled a full glass of chocolate milk on our carpet when the babysitter was there and the 17-year-old babysitter just left it for us to deal with when we got home needless to say our carpet was ruined

babysitter took the pictures out of my picture frames and apparently took the frames home.

babysitter took my diamond earrings and a promise ring. I don't wear jewelry often so I didn't notice right away

I have a 7 year old daughter and the 16 y/o babysitter was paying darts with her. Instead of darts it's Velcro balls. The sitter ended up throwing a ball at my daughter's face and scratched her eyeball. Red dots in her eye for a week. My daughter said she doesn't trust the sitter anymore. Now I need a new sitter....

when I was eight I had a babysitter who had been great but I saw her brushing her hair out in the bathroom and little things were falling out. Yep she brought us lice. I called my mom and she came home from work and needless to say that was the last of the babysitter

Parents came home to the babysitter and us kids watching tv & eating ice cream. We weren't allowed to have ice cream & it was way past bed time. She really tried but we wouldn't listen to her. I still feel bad we got her in trouble.

The babysitter did nothing. Like, nothing. We would leave and they would all be sitting in the couch and when we would come home, they would all still be sitting on the couch. You could tell my kids would play with toys but the babysitter was ALWAYS sitting in the same spot on the couch. This was before cell phones so I don't k so what she did, but my kids loved her and asked for her every time. I hated paying for someone to just sit on the couch. Ended up having to get younger girls to watch my kids because they would actually play with them

we played a big tic tac toe with bean bags. We wouldn't stop playing so my cousin stuffed the bean bags down his pants and said we'd have to retrieve them - it was innocent, but not a good idea

We had a baby sister that would take all the kids, there were 6, to the car wash in her VW beetle, she would make us stand against the wall in the car wash and would spray us, IT HURT!! She would also make us stay in the bathroom with her when she took a bath.

Babysitter would have her kids come watch while my brother and I would have to pull down our pants for a spanking, for something HER kids did. We were 3 and 5. She would make us sit in front of a blank TV all day and she even made us take a nap while she threw a birthday party for one of her kids, that we weren't invited to.

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