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TEXT TOPIC: You caught someone trying to break into your car?

Living in SoJo at the time. My dad caught some kids stealing my car radio in the middle of the night so he ran out and scared them away. But... they got my car radio... rip

Our ring doorbell went off at 730am, our dogs started barking, we looked on our cam and saw a kid walking down our driveway. My husband chased him with our aggressive dog and bat and got our stuff back

I was taking a warm car nap, with doors locked at West Valley rec, between jobs. I was leaned back, so you couldn't see me. A lady pulls up, pulls on both passenger side handles. Looks in window with both hands, as I'm sitting up. Looks frightened as she jumps back in her car and speeds off..

in Jr High, my friends dad left his car running to warm up in the morning. He went to leave and someone was in his car. He accidentally spooked the guy that was in his car

and whoever it was pulled a gun on my friends dad and shot him. He was life flighted and luckily lived but was shot straight in the chest.

lived in an apartment where drug dealers dealt out of, husband got out of the shower and a lady was literally in our apartment she deer in the headlights and walked out, another time a kid climbed through our apartment window and husband again just got out of the shower. Parents tried to say my husband exposed himself to them

live in downtown slc and after playing which car is unlocked they made it to my car not realizing I was in it. I had locked the door when I first got in. When they came up I lit the horn up which scared the guy half a foot in the air

walked out to my car in the garage and found a lady sitting inside of it! She jumped out and made some story up. I grabbed her cross body bag and was calling 911 while holding my 2yr old. She started running so I put my kid down and started chasing her. My 3 year old chased me so I had to stop! #stillpissedshegotaway

we were in Paris on the train and someone stole my husbands wallet out of his pocket. He didn't feel it happen but noticed something was off by the guys behavior, felt his pockets and realized it was gone and as the guy jumped off the train my husband ran off and chased him down. I thought he was going to go to jail for beating the guy (he never actually touched him ) and we never got our stuff back.. it had been passed off to someone else

forever ago we were picking up take out, our truck was up for sale. Come back out & there's a girl in the front set with the stereo almost out all the way then asks us oh your truck is for sale? J was not sure what to do since she was a girl lol Then we noticed the car next to us had her kids in there waiting for her. We let her go & put our stereo back together lol

had a guy that lived a few houses down try to break in my back door at 3:30am. He didn't expect my two little dogs to run out the dog door. They trapped him under the deck. I went out with a dying flashlight and confronted him, told him go home and wait for the cops, he did. I called the cops and they laughed at him for being scared of the little dogs.

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