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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

Took the new crossbows to the archery range and zeroed them

weekend check in! I got my eyebrows tattooed and they look SO good!

gave birth to my beautiful surro baby. Couldn't have been more grateful to see him join his family Earth side.

we brought home our new puppy cutest little guy 7 1/2 weeks and always ways 20lbs! He is a Great Dane

Went to Las Vegas Luke Bryan residency concert with my daughter. Had the time of lives!

we saw two amazing concerts in Vegas over the weekend. Metallica on Friday night and Billy Joel on Saturday!!

GF of 5 months is moving in so we painted this past weekend J Love u so much Jennifer

on Saturday hosted a game night at my place for my club turned out great we played snake oil and Doctor Who clue it was a blast !

went to Vegas and won a free cruise!

this weekend we rented a Uhaul and cleaned out our storage unit. So excited to get that $150/month back! We trashed SO much

Married off our daughter to the love of her life!

weekend Vegas trip!! Guys went to Metallica and girls went to Shania then we all went to Mystere. Great weekend!!

went to the outdoor expo in Salt Lake Saturday. We had a blast. Alot of amazing vendors this year. My husband also tied for 1st in their beard off

I drove to Idaho with my mom on Saturday and bought my very first lottery ticket! Fingers crossed! Also won $75 off a scratch card! Woohoo!

I got to meet Jess at church!!!

girls trip of 8 to Phoenician for two fabulous women's birthdays! Spa day, too many drinks, fab dinner at Olive and Ivy, The BEST!! Jess great story of a meeting with you.

Son's soccer tournament is Mesquite then drove to Vegas for the Golden Knights game!

Co hosted a baby shower for my daughter. She's having a boy! Time with extended family, awesome friends, a little shopping, and good food makes for a happy

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