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TEXT TOPIC: spouse makes you mad, what do you do to mess with them?

hubs and I were fighting last night so I kept unplugging the internet no Wi-Fi for him lol we're good now

he is a whole milk drinker, so I will pretend I'm being really nice and get him a glass of milk but then add a lot of water to it to dilute it Well he is on the computer I will disconnect the Wi-Fi and then reconnect then disconnect then reconnect so it just seems like it's bad connectivity

My husband hates when I buy him things so whenever we fight & he makes me mad, I buy him something. New pair of pants or something dumb.

yep I hide it or put everything in his office so it's a mess! Don't make me mad, lol

all the time, chicken stays in the oven a little too long, keys/phone occasionally hide in plain sight. Socks might get washed how they're put in the hamper (rolled together)

My husband never cleaned up his facial hair after shaving. I got sick of it so I started leaving my long hairs on the shower walls. It didn't take long for us to discuss that one

If my husband leaves an empty box in the pantry or on the counter and not in the garbage, I will take the box and put it in his pillow case. So he eventually finds it, but its funny at the time.

my husband doesn't replace the toilet paper very often so when we were fighting I hid it under the counter and only got it out when I needed to use it

hubby used to stay up late between midnight and 2am and it bugged the crap out of me so I started using the router app to turn off the wifi

I wash all of the laundry so when I get upset with my husband I just stop washing all of his underwear and will even put the clean ones in the dirty laundry.

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