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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your radar?

Ugliest Homes in America – HGTV

Synchronicities – Sandy – Salt Cave

Swap Shop – Netflix

Cinn-a-freak – Local – popcorn

Reign_IV – mobile IV company

whats on my radar: all things epoxy!!! Countertops, tumblers, calendars, coasters etc. Its so much fun!

Inventing Anna on Netflix

the Chile Verde at Apollo Burger it's so freaking good it's limited time

not sure how I've gone this long without knowing if this place, Side of Aloha in Draper!

Pam & tommy on Hulu, love is blind on Netflix, salty jewelry co where you can make your own ring!

escape to the chateau on HGTV. Team Balmert on YouTube and FaceBook!

Clearfield, Grounds For Coffee Location! Aka Pam's!!!! Go see her! Best atmosphere, family friendly cafe! HylanderGrog Best Coffee! Love You Pam!!!!

Podcast systemize your life with Chelsei Joe-"Every mama needs this! Incredible!!!

Wentworth series. Frankie on there is pretty hot. Much better than orange is the new black

shout out to Mears Pharmacy in Farmington! The owner, Jonny, is amazing!

Stella's restaurant in ogden best Italian food first time I went and I fell in love I can't wait to go back for my birthday

Jess love ugliest home in America!

Andy Grammer. Great music and his concert tonight at The Complex. SO EXCITED!

I'm excited I just signed up my son for this football camp with Pro Tech Trenches! Tons of NFL players coming in in May for the Camp to coach! Mom for the win!--- So go to www.protechtrenches.com And pay though Venmo They are on Instagram and Twitter Facebook too Pro Tech Trenches Football

1883. Loved Yellowstone, but 1883 just hits different.

raising canes... their food is my current craving.

I just want to thank the drivers going from Salina to Richfield. Nobody was speeding, trying to pass while we all were going 40mph. Awesome drivers. I love this little town.

the song Fat Funny Friend by Maddie Zahm. Makes ya feel a little less alone.

The Bone Spindle Book by Leslie Vedder YA book is fantastic

Audio book from Mike Shur- How to be Perfect. He wrote for SNL from 98-03, the Office and then created The Good Place and Brooklyn 99). The book is about ethics and morals written in a funny way.

podcast.... normalizing non-monogamy.... Fin and Emma are the best!

murray high cheer going to Cali for nationals tomorrow go hunter and Carter!

Making French Macarons

Taylor's Outrageous Vow by Sara Jo Cluff. Hilarious Young Adult rom-com

Queer Eye!!

Your Moms House with Tom Segura and his wife Christina P...I look like a crazy person when I listen to it with my headphones I laugh so hard

Using flavored coffee creamer to make french toast. Never will go back to milk.

Change4Luv you can get prints from younger artists with various disabilities. Their art is amazing. You get the prints at various malls or online by donations.

the movie this is where I leave you on HBO max.

Check out getmyvan.com! Zach just sold us a wheelchair van for our son with cerebral palsy. His prices were way better than anybody else is selling Wheelchair Van's. Simple mobility vans

a new(ish) zombie series on Netflix called “All of us are Dead” it's Korean whom I believe make the best zombie shows

outreach is on my radar O.U.R.S is an AMAZING outreach!Shout out to Carl Moore. He does so much for the community

the Vern Burn is on my radar. He is one of the best most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with

moving in 5 days. Excited for a new start, and to start our farm.-- Aurora Utah

Who killed Malcolm X, on Netflix.

The US Dream Academy. They are an afterschool program that has a phenomenal staff and have helped my child a ton!

the band Halocene! Great covers and original music!

Restoring Galveston on Discovery+ cute little home remodel show.

This is both on my radar and also goes with the telling a story of the things you hoard! Storyworth.com is a way to tell the story and attach the picture! We gave it as a Christmas gift to have our parents tell us stories, but you could totally tell the stories of items you get rid of! Just an idea. Have a great day!

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