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TEXT TOPIC: What is a word you can't stand?

words I hate, moist and brisk

Moist or discharge

grossest words; Gay, retarded (used derogatorily) vehemently (it bugs me the way moist bugs others)

the P word for Va-jay-jay


Gross words. Vomit, puke, barf, throw up. And any of these just well you know



gross word is BUNG . It's what connects an oil drum to a pump.

I loathe the word Chichi. It means boobs in Spanish. Ugh gross!!!!!


PANTIES!!!! GROSS!!! its a word that dirty old men use


Quiff. So gross!

crusty, it makes my skin crawl


these words are just terrible. Even texting them 🤢 vomit, leakage, diarrhea, and these doesn't gross me out but bestie and hubby just annoy me all these words need to go.

the word pubic makes my skin crawl


Worst word is ORAL


disgusting word- Schmegma. Ewww!

lougie. It's so gross

i hate booger (i work in child care)

Do I want to listen to this stuff this morning? ;) WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING??? Deep breath...Goiter.

how about skid mark lol

I hate the word titties

I just realized the other day that I don't like the word squirt

"ejaculate" is a terrible word LOL

the word boil when it comes to skin

the word drainage

secretion nothing is good when paired up with it...nothing

hershey squirts




probably can't say this but... cock

I hate the word poop and my sister hates the word panties, so our older sister would go around the house saying poopy panties

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