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TEXT TOPIC: Who gave you something and wanted it back? 

My ex husband asked for my wedding ring back! Haven't given it back, maybe I'll pawn it

parents gave us a new couch set they didn't want bc didn't work in their house. Had it for a week or 2. Took it back & gave it to my brother & his now ex wife

my dad took back his album collection. He gave me his turn table and all his albums for my high school graduation in 97. 20 years later said he wanted it back. I was upset. It was the only graduation gift I received.

My family member gave me a coffee maker then asked for it back after a couple of months. About a year later they asked for it back again. I was like I already gave it back

I homed a rescue puppy2 a friends dad.Ended up BEGGING him2get puppy back when I found out all their pets were eaten by coyotes&they just kept getting replacements

my brother gifted me a PS5 but apparently his wife wanted it for her nephew. So my brother asked for it back. I didnt argue. Gave it back but hurt cause my brother got it for me as a thank you for spending nights with him at the hospital.

my Grampian in-law gave me a rifle and hand gun. I also gave him a pistol all gifts. When he passed away his son my father in-law asked for them back when my wife and I were getting a divorce. So I asked for the gun I gifted back. Father in-law has already sold my gift. He held my guns hostage in the safe until I gave them back. Told him his dad would be disappointed in him and will haunt him for this. (He fears ghosts)

grandma passed. Mother in law gave my daughter a figurine she always admired. She found out it was valuable and demanded she give it back. She came to the house and took it back. I have written her off.

best friend had given me a turquoise ring that I had for 8 years, we had a falling out and weren't really friends anymore and she asked for the ring back. We had been friends for about 15 years so I gave back every piece of jewelry or present, best friend picture book anything I could think of and left it on my porch for her.

Was given 2 dogs (both 1 yr old) because her husband hated them and was abusive to them. 2 years later she divorced and wanted dogs back. Hell no. I offered to pay for them but she wanted $5k for mutts not the $1k I offered.

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