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TEXT TOPIC: What overused work phrases are you sick of?

circle back!

"at the end of the day" "with that being said" "a new normal"

They over use "just re-boot". That is always the first thing I try when my computer at work doesn't work. Stop telling me to just re-boot when I tell you my computer isn't working.

oh these work terms. When someone needs to be done urgently don't say "ASAP", just say urgent or urgently. And when management or other co workers say, you or we all need to be "team player" or when I ask a question, "I'll circle back".

I use "keep me posted" a lot at work

We'll cross that bridge when we get there" there's a lot of bridges in my office.

let's circle back on that. Or..we can take this offline.

hate the phrase "lean in to" something. It's so over-done.

As a major during the pandemic, the word "pivot" makes me want to commit a crime

“do more with less"

I work inpatient psych. The word triggered is SO over used. I can't take it any more. I am so triggered!

Just reaching out

I hate the over used word at my job is, that's not my job.

"Why is this wet" "Come see me" I am a school teacher

if you have time to lean you have time to clean

"it's on my radar"

the phrase I don't really particularly like is "the customer is always right" When sometimes you know that they are totally in the wrong

"I challenge you to "...

my work sends "just a friendly reminder" message to the whole building like they aren't being passive aggressive

"I will ping them/you" Are we playing ping pong?

my husband goes on and on about his boss saying It is what it is. He can't stand it!!!

"I'll look into it" then never looks into it... "Just checking in"

Going along with that's not my job, how about "That's above my pay grade" ugh!

Positive intent, especially when someone sends a negative email or message.

Ping me- keep saying that and I'll ping you right up side the head with something!

"Thank for all you do." Hate it.

Get the water to the end of the row

"Working as Designed" Then some screwed up the design!!

I have a coworker that calls Thursday...Friday Jr. She knows I hate it and continues to do so.

I'll give you back 7 minutes of your day (or however minutes early the scheduled meeting ended )

"how have you not been promoted yet"

I know your busy but

"hop on a call" "hop on for a sec" so annnnnoying

I don't think so and the worst part I hear it home to. Drives be batty

"more to come"

can you add that to payroll? Umm we get paid today. Not how that works

I hate it "let's round table when we get to the office

overused work sayings "let's review this at a high level!" Thanks for the reminder we're all high level employees but one day I'm just going to deliver entry level nonsense and watch your skin crawl you pretentious jerk!

work phrase:::you need to practice self care

I hate asap, if every message I get is asap nothing is asap just stop.

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