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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

don't tell me you don't care when I take my lunch(I'm exempt)then lose it because I take it from 2-3 once a week for therapy(which I disclosed). I'll walk away from this job if you restrict me from going. My mental health means more than your company.

when it snows and the roads are wet, let’s look at the temperature and go back go Elementary science. At what temp does l water freeze and make ice? 32 degrees people! Learn how to drive.

To the ass hat father and son at the 3:30 showing of Uncharted sitting in seats K21 & K20. You don't need to get on to Amazon during the movie or check messages and you cupping your hand over the screen doesn't block the light. If you need to check your phone, leave the theater. Better yet, you can't be courteous don't come to the theater!!!!

if you're gonna make a big deal about riding with me for a work lunch then don't be a D and say you're obligatory being nice to me. RIDE WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

dear coworker, if you "teaching moment" me ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to teach your face how duck tape feels.

just because you got a giant tax return doesn't mean you get to call out sick for the next week at work, you still have responsibilities

After 20 years of friendship I would think you would not screw us out of money and allowed us to pay for someone else vacation who hates us!! Not having your friendship any longer is LONG overdue oh and your husband is the epitome of dumbass. When I think of a man he is is extremely far from that!!! Can't fix anything and when he speaks he sounds so uneducated!

clean all the snow off your car before you get on the freeway!

don't mistreat certain women in the office just because they're not "available" or flirtatious as all the others. Absolutely disgusting.

my siblings who live with my parents rent free. They're bossy, lazy, and ungrateful while my parents work their asses off. Drives me crazy

dear management, how many times can this lady use the excuse of her child to get out of work. On the last 2 months she had taken the equivalent of 2 weeks off.... she is playing you, get a clue

when I said I didn't want to be around you, I meant it. You sexually assaulted my friend. You are the reason why there is the dumb blonde stereotype if you think I care if I am not included in stuff with you!

if you're trying to "help" me out don't call me a week later and yell at me for not returning your calls you should help someone to be nice not to be recognized by that person. Also I never asked for your help in the first place.

to my SIL, your "sorrys" are a bunch of bull if you consistently follow it with "BUT" . So apologize NOT accepted

You tell me you don't want my help you don't need my help but yet I have to wake you up every morning so you don't lose your job drive you to work every day because you don't want to get your Drivers license and you expect me To pay your fines because you chose to break the law no sir I am done you're 19 grow up and start acting responsible like you say you are.

overused work sayings "let's review this at a high level!" Thanks for the reminder we're all high level employees but one day I'm just going to deliver entry level nonsense and watch your skin crawl you pretentious jerk!

Please clean up your dog poop in our community. If you don't it makes all dog owners look bad!

hey next door neighbors clean up your dog's poop! My fur baby passed away this summer and she NEVER pooped in my front yard

Hey Bill! Pay your alimony already you know when it's due!

stop asking my man for money, lift rides, or money for any of your sob stories! Get a job! He is not your personal ATM, and no he doesn’t want your sexual favors in return cuz he is SATISFIED!

People who don’t move over when they stop while pushing a stroller, especially at theme parks

Mother, you have been a Debbie downer, Negative Nancy for my entire 37 years on earth. I don't visit because Im making POSITIVE changes in my life. Bye Gina.

dear boss, you were so quick to move me into a position for the convenience of everyone but me, now my work is triple and there's no talk of a raise and no one to finish my training, then you act like I should already know what I'm doing when I have questions. No, thank you!! I'm done. No wonder people are leaving by the numbers.

hey SIL "we" didn't have a "falling out" I chose to have boundaries with you.

I'm going to shine . U hate it? put on SUNGLASSES YO!!!!

Hey Sara, my dad is literally dying, giving you money for your house down payment is not my priority, so stop bullying your man to bully me over it!

STOP STEALIING things from peoples graves!! Especially when we pay so much to try and make it look good..

Stop gossiping about my family and about me today is my daughter's birthday and I can't even post anything because you go and screenshot stuff and tell her

Boss yelled@me when I made a mistake.He took me off team WITHOUT telling me&sent me a "sorry you were offended"email.Suck it dude im quitting anyways

I know we are not the only ones who can hear your dog barking all hours of the night take the damn thing inside.

I deliver for doordash. 2 things, turn your lights on when you know someone is coming AND make sure your house has a visible number.--- RE: Doordsh comment, I've been a DD driver b4 & also rent a home tht doesn't have a visible address. I used black electrical tape on my white mailbox so it's clearly posted. Tht way it can be removed. U can buy almost any color at WM or any crafts store!

Companies that say they're flexible before hire and flip the switch after. The world is changing people, we don't ALWAYS need to be in the office!

To restaurant employees who ignore delivery drivers and treat you like trash, remember we eat out on our own time too. There are many places I won't go to anymore.

U want 2 rent from me again? Last time I let you live here U ate more in food than U pd in rent & I took care of your kids on your weekends.

Hey sis, sorry I didn't pick up your box but not talking2me for 6 months as punishment is extreme--did you forget you live next door, Dummy??

To my husband's ex-wife, I get that your current husband has been in your daughter's life for over 20 years, but she has a dad, and that's my husband. Have respect and stop referring to her step dad as "dad" especially in front of my husband. It's disrespectful and rude!

Hey boss, don't say "Call me if you need anything" then NOT answer your phone when I call. Then wonder why I don't ask for help when you are around.

friend you are an alcoholic!When you empty your bladder on my fabric back seat without knowing,you have a problem!So gross!

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