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TEXT TOPIC: What is the one thing on your bucket list?

get baptized

I would love to travel all around Europe before I die

Hands down bucket list item is to see The Northern Lights in person.

want to take an east coast road trip for at least 3 weeks, drive all over from maine to Virginia

Long term bucket list... I want to be an RVer

Number one thing I wanna do on my bucket list before I go just go to Norway and see where my grandpa grew up.

Go to a baseball game at every baseball stadium.

Sky diving is on my bucket list but my husband says it's too dangerous and won't let me. Is it a bad idea if I go without him knowing? HA!


be in all 50 states. Only missing Arkansas. Btw, im 49

bucket list meet/ talk to Dak Prescott. Go to Maine . Go to Ireland

Write Sam Beeson from AFHS a check for $1 Million for changing my life--He was the first teacher that ever honestly took an interest and truly cared. I have him to thank for where I am today and what I have!!

great white shark cage diving

my one thing off my bucket list is to go to the Bahamas for a week on one of their private islands and just drink and relax.

On my bucket list is to move to Scotland with my kids. I know it will happen...it's just a matter of when.

would love to hike to the Base Camp of MT Everest. I couldn't make it to the top, but base camp seems realistic!

my one bucket list trip to bora bora and itll get 2 bucketlist items off my list. 1 the trip and 2 swimming woth sharks!!!

my #1 bucket list is going to Ireland. And as of right now, we are hoping to go in 5 years for my daughters graduation and I'll be 47.

Ride in a hot air balloon

The One thing I would absolutely love to do on my bucket list is go to New Zealand and visit the hobbit set and take pictures holding a photo of my grandma. She passed from stage four brain cancer in 2018 and absolutely loved the hobbit and wanted to visit so I would love to live that dream for her

Checking off one of my bucket list items this year...going to Ireland, Scotland, and England for 5 weeks. We leave in May and will be back in July.

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