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TEXT TOPIC: What Posters Did You Have on Your Wall As a Teen?

JoJo (sings Leave, get out). And Jesse McCartney.

my roommates and I had a Johnny Depp poster in the bathroom. We called the bathroom "The Johnny."

90210 posters! And Jim Morrison.

Jonathan brandis and devin sawa ❤️

One direction poster

Kurt Cobain

always Britney!

I had a poster of Eliza Dushku the evil slayer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Full door sized New Kids on the Block 😂

I have Leonarda Caprio Jonathan Taylor Thomas and spice girl posters I showed my daughter Leonarda Caprio movies when he was my crush when I was 13 and now my Sergio has the biggest crush on young Leonardo DiCaprio I'll catcher watching Romeo and Juliet or Titanic by yourself

Kathy Ireland bikini poster. Lol

Preteen Spice Girls, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Blink 182, JTT, Andrew Keagan & Leo Dicaprio. Teen Tyson Beckford 🤤

I had a signed poster of the Oktoberfest beer girls from the snowbird beer festival from the late 90s that my dad got me and gave to me when I was a teenager

1st poster..Rambo 2. Not for Sly, cuz he had Hoyt Easton bow in picture, used in movie. Mom worked at Hoyt in the day. -Angie

My radar? Our cross country truckers! Our lives would be crap without their sacrifice! (We are going to feel it if they really go on strike next month!)

Voltron, Transformers, morrissey, The Cure and Kathy Ireland

a Titanic poster of Leonardo DiCaprio, N*SYNC, Eminem and Blink-182 😂


98 degrees: all about Nick Lashey, Lord of the Rings-Return of the King: crush on Viggo Mortensen.

We weren't allowed to have posters on our walls growing up so we had Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Johnny Depp posters rolled up under our beds 😂

Bee Gees poster. All nice and tan in their white outfits

My absolute idol was Farrah Faucet and I loved Charlie's Angel's so I had the Farrah in the red bathing suit! I had her hairstyle, I wanted to be her more than anything!

poster - I had a hot shirtless farmer guy on my wall 😂 I'm 30 now

poster i had a concert poster of Royal bliss when they opened for chola at liquid Joe's. I tore it off the wall and had Neil and the boys sign it. Wish i still had it!!!

had a Backstreet Boys poster and one of those 3-D visual ones you have to look at it unfocused to see the image. It was an Eagle

Leonardo DiCaprio. I had lots of them. One was directly above my head on the ceiling was one. When my grandma slept in my bedroom one time. the next morning she came in and said "I couldn't sleep there was a guy staring at me the whole time."

I had a Tyra Banks and Brooke Burke both in bikinis. It was between the ages of 12-18 until I moved out

Paula Abdul! Covered my whole room.

Corey Haim from the Lucense to Drive movie 💗

wall to wall spice girls! Loved them!

JTT!! Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Necessary Roughness (Kathy Ireland movie)

I had Michael Jackson and every night before I would go to bed I would kiss Michael goodnight🌕

I had a secret"Got milk" poster of Britney Spear. I hid it from my mom on the back of the door and to my knowledge she never found it

titanic posters, Leonardo DiCaprio, back street boys, the craft movie , Aalyiah, lil Kim , Christina Aguilera, Sisco, boys to men

on my wall was movie poster ferris buellers day off, and olivia newton john

posters on my wall. Backstreet Boys, NSync, 5ive

Jason Priesley. And I've never seen a show with him in it. Not sure why I had his poster.

my sister had a prince poster in the wall. I had Ricky Martin

I had the boys from 90210, I had the guys from New kids on the block and I had Garth Brooks on my wall. He was my country crush

N sync, backstreet Boyd, Britney spears!!! All over thr wall and ok the ceiling

Kirk Cameron

I had 90210 posters all over my wall along with color me badd

I had Jonathon Taylor Thomas around 7th-8th grade.

Andrew Keagan, Joshua Jackson guy from Dawson's Creek

Shaun Cassidy, motley crue, metallica

I had a poster of Kirk Cameron!!!

Shaun Cassidy, Bee Gees,

Bob Ross

Posters on my wall were: Duran Duran, especially Simon LeBon, Wham, and Michael Jackson

I had Eminem, Snoop, Usher, and Backstreet Boys!

Arnold Schwarzenegger shirtless on a white stallion with a big cigar in his mouth

all American rejects and Britney Spears

shirtless Eddie Van Halen and miles o'keefe 'Tarzan'

Tara Dakides. She was the Shaun white of female snowboarders back on the day!


my 15 year old daughter now has the same exact Guns N' Roses poster in her room ❤️🥰

1 wall had Teen Bop magazines Covering the whole wall with Kirk Cameron on every cover. Other side was covered on WWF Hulk Hogan. still obsessed with him

Guns n Roses Poster 2. A poster with JUST sexy Axel Rose 3. The poster with the exotic cars that said “Justification for higher education” 4. A red Lamborghini poster 😂😂

I bet you don't even know who this is, but I was obsessed with him!! I had posters of Jonathan Brandis♥️ Google him😉

My walls were covered in Britney Spears posters and magazine cut outs. I was obsessed.

I had Tobey Maguires spider-man, along with hulk and the justice league on my walls as a kid

NkOTB and Jordan for nkotb

I had a poster of Luke Perry on my wall. I had such a crush on him 💕

I had MC Hammer posters and Vanilla Ice 😁

all the NSYNC posters. By the time I was over it there were over 700 all over my walls. Dad was not happy with the torn off paint

my sister was Donnie friend m NKOTB and mine was Jordan from NKOTB.

This is Brooke from Ogden, and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I've listened for years, and you have no idea how badly I needed that money right now, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Leif Garrett and Andy Gibb

I had a Bob Marley poster as a teenager, I'm 45 and still have that same poster hanging in my house today.

River Phoenix and then Donnie Wahlberg (NKOTB) 😘♥️

I had a three piece billboard sized Corvette

the poster I had was Shaun Cassidy in a silver jacket zipped down to his navel (those who know- know!) !

Ralph Macchio and Sean Cassidy!

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