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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have an awful first date?

Worst first date: I went to lagoon with this guy I had known for less than a week. We had just eaten lunch and decided to go on the Skycoaster. Not even 2 minutes into the ride, he said he wasn't feeling well and threw up... everywhere. Not just on me, but on everyone below us.

first date I was expecting dinner. He took me to BETOS, talked to his friend on the phone for most of dinner, and then took me home to meet his grandparents after all of this. A strange night!

One of my first dates in college involved driving an hour to the guys old high school to see a play. He left me alone with his parents for 15-20 minutes to say hi to his friends in the drama department and when he was with me, he never included me in conversations

I'm not sure I can even consider this a date because he only asked me if I, "wanted to hangout." He showed up hours early, my hair was half curled. He didn't mention eating, then stop off and ate in front of me. Needed gas and darted in front of a car, we almost got hit. Then, took me to a hotel where people were drunk and doing hard drugs

1st date.he showed up in shorts,tank top, sandals w/socks, told the server to pick his meal,paid w/a coupon,after dinner asked if I wanted to go to his band practice...hard pass

Met a guy for what was supposed to be drinks. I arrive and he says our table will be ready in 20 minutes. I was shocked we didn't agree to dinner! We waited at the bar and his b.o. smelled awful. Only the beginning. Got worse that night!

My husband went out with this woman before we met and took her to a family gathering of his. After about an hour they went in the house and it was just them. She was ALL over him once the door closed and tried to get some more than the good company (if you know what I mean). He took her home right after that and never talked to her again.

My sister was at chilis with a guy who's nose started to bleed and he stuffed napkins up his nose and just continued to talk to her while they ate...gross

I went on a date with a guy I met on Tinder and half an hour in he tells me has NA sponsor told him he can't date but casual sex is fine. It's a no from me bruh

my coworker set me up with a friend of hers, and we went on a double date horseback riding. He told me they had never bucked anyone off, and it just happened to be me. Didn't go on another date.

first date with this guy, we were making out and he kept biting my lip. He ended up drawing blood, bruised it and gave me a big old fat lip.

First Date, guy had my picture as his screensaver told me he was showing his co-workers and saying I was his gf. Took me to Dee's diner, same side sitter. I told him I'm a messy eater but he insisted on staying right next to me. Made a rose out of a napkin. Gave me "run" vibes. I told him I wasn't feeling it the next day. He asked if any of my friends would be interested in dating him...? BYE!!--Dinner with a same side sitter, tried to kiss me after a big bite of food and tried to feed me his dinner.

first time meeting this guy in person , we were hanging out talking when he asked me if he could pick my nose !! I text my friend the save me code and she called saying she was in labor . So I told him I needed to go and he followed me in his car to her house !! It was awful

my date was driving fast down I-15 every time he'd look over at me to talk to me he'd pull the steering wheel. We were all over the road, I was afraid. We got pulled over the officer thought he was drinking

went to a concert with a guy, he left me with his sister to go hang out with another girl

guy asked if I liked Thai, said no but he took me anyway. Bragged about money and said he'd take me shopping because all girls like that. Faked a stomach ache and blocked him

I was asked on a date to go get food and the guy suggested sushi and took me to a really expensive sushi place (knowing I didn't have alot of money). When the end of the meal came he said that we were splitting the bill! Don't take me on an expensive date you are going to make me pay for if you know i don't have money for it. I never went out again.

Went on a date with a guy who bragged about all the money he made. Went to an expensive restaurant and he told me order to what I wanted expense was not a problem. When it came time to pay, guess who said he forgot his wallet?

blind date. Guy shows up and asks for me by the wrong name. Get in his car and he says "what do you want to do?" I told him let's go to dinner . We go to chilis and the first thing he says is "what's cheap?" I wanted to run out!! He didn't tip the server! He talked about his mission in Japan the whole time. He took me home by 6 and I was ok with that!

I went on a date with this guy in high school. not my type at all, but I wasn't going to be rude and shut him down. He picked me up in his car, that was filled with the tiny rubber bands that you put on your braces to help move your teeth (they were used.) Then he started clipping his nails in the middle of Phantom of the Opera. We were supposed to go to dinner after but I got "sick" Another bad date, when the guy dropped me off he smashed my parents van!

when he picked me up there was another girl in the car! Come to find out he had been on another date that morning with a girl in Salt Lake, and picked me up on the way to our date with the morning date still in the car! I had to endure the awkward 30 minute drive back to Provo and sit in the car while he walked her to the door and did the awkward doorstep seen.

This guy I thought was cute in the choir with me took me to a Christmas sing along at the tabernacle (on a Sunday). Afterwards he pulls into the burger King and I'm thinking, perfect! I'm starving! Nope. He gets a table, pulls out his scriptures and then dead serious looks me in the face and says, "do you want to say the opening or closing prayer". Don't get me wrong, I'm a faithful and devout lds member, but this was wild. So embarrassing and inappropriate. Best thing is, he told our whole choir group that we didn't go out again because I wanted to order food on a Sunday. I have no idea what he's doing these days. Weirdo

guy said he needed to see his white body part next to my black body part yikes

The movie we were going to go see was sold out, so he wanted to show me this "really cool place" in Cedar city. Ended up taking me to the graveyard where he proceeded to tell me ghost stories and how graveyards are his favorite place. After that, went and picked up his dog from the doggie daycare. I love Casper, but I wasn't going to end up on dateline.

met a guy on tinder who was an avid skier. I had never been before and he asked me to go with him. I was very nervous but he assured me that he would stay on the easy stuff with me and help me learn. Turns out he did not want to do that he met some of his friends there left me to die on the black diamond hill by myself and I ended up breaking my leg on the way down

He took me to eat Pho (soup is a bad idea on a First Date). He ordered for so I didn't really get a choice of what I wanted including only ordered a water... apparently a soda was out of the question... My $7.50 meal was clearly too much!

dude took me to Einstein bagels and SHARED one bagel with me. We drank water. Then at the end he walked me to my car which is messy, looked inside and said "you know you can tell a lot about someone by how they keep their car". On really? I could tell a lot about him by how cheap he was too!

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