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TEXT TOPIC: Are you keeping financial secrets from your spouse?

I just bought I new tool that cost $250. My wife has no idea yet. I also bought a welder last year that she walked past multiple times and if bright green that she didn't know I bought. That cost me about $200

after I got married is when I found out my now ex husband had a huge amount of debt. Suddenly he couldn't help out with the regular household expenses. He had to take all his money to pay off his debt. Left me paying for everything else and then he started asking me for money to pay his debt. That's when I started a secret bank account and stashing money.

I was little, my dad was away w the army. He leased a motorcycle didn't tell mom. He paid my grandma monthly stored it at her house.

When I got re-married 9 years ago I started setting aside $, because of insecurities when my ex husband left me with no $. Now I stash cash

The fact that I owe $30k in back taxes

My husband had that he was helping an X female coworker financially for the last two years and has given her over $17,000 of our money. Needless to say this is a rough Valentine’s Day for me.

An old coach of mine from high school had a secret credit card that she hid from her husband. She uses it for Botox

I lost my job a few months ago. But he didn't know how much I really made so I've been using my secret savings

This past year I decided to try to pay your house off early and start to safe for it. Without my wife's knowledge is so far stashed away 60 grand but that isn't all from me it's also from investments with the money I've stashed on the side. Hoping to pay off the house in three years

Husband wanted a sports car, when I told him we couldn't afford it he said he had the money - he'd stashed $80K

invested $5000 in crypto without my wife knowing.

I have a secret stash of cash. About $9,000.

My dad had a secret bank account for years to pay for escorts...

dated someone for a year, building a house merging families only to find out he lied about his finances (bankrupt, back taxes, repos) AND a secret child

my wife thinks I owe roughly 5k in credit card debt buy in reality I owe 10k to this day and been trying to pay extra with out using any of her paycheck and trying to still pay all the bills and keep our home

my mom passed away recently and left me a large amount of money, I haven't told hubby because we've been having issues in our marriage and i don't know if I'm going to stay

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