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TEXT TOPIC: What app or site are you secretly on?

I am apart of two facebook groups secret 1. A mother's narcissist group 2. Wicca/witchcraft group No one knows I'm in them.

I am a 35 year old male and I secretly ADDICTED to Neopets. I've had an account online for over 12 years. Shhhh don't tell anyone

I have a naughty TikTok... 66k followers

I have a reading app on my phone. My husband thinks I texting dudes but really I'm reading romance novels

44 year old male, I am on Tik Tok, Pretty much started as a reason to monitor my kids, at least that's what I tell myself now, but nobody knows

My friend made a fake Facebook so if she's snooping on people and accidentally likes a photo they don't know it's her

I have a secret TikTok to watch exmormon content

I have a secret Facebook account, that I use to keep track of my daughter's bio mom. She posts lots of videos when she is not lucid. And has even posted a video of herself walking into traffic. We've got to keep track of those things

I'm 25 and a mother of a toddler my guy works 14 hours at night and I have a secret Snapchat for guy friends, I don't send nudes it's really just for conversation.. shhh nobody knows!

43 male. My best friend started as sexting, but became more of a support for each other in rough marriages. We now just vent and give each other advice. She helps me understand women better and both of our marriages have improved. My spouse doesn't know about her.

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