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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone buy your kid a dangerous toy?

My mother-in-law for the last five years has given pocket knifes to all the grandkids ranging in age from 2 to 18

my father in law does this all the time. *Nerf* guns with lots of moving parts to pinch fingers for 2yo. Age 14+ hover drone for my 3yo. Sling shot for 4yo. We open & hide all presents from him before my kids can.

My dad bought my nephew a rifle for his 10th birthday. His reaction "gramps, I'm 10. I shouldn't have a real gun! I'm a kid!"

My uncle bought my five year old brother a boomerang and then attempted to teach him how to throw it. Lots of broken stuff!

my sister bought my five year old slime and it ended up all over his bed on the carpet.

my step daughters birth mom bought her a Ouija board. While it might not technically be dangerous, it's not an appropriate gift for an 8 year old

my mother bought my 4 year old a kids cleaning set so it has a stand and mop, broom etc. well my kid takes the stand and hits us and the dogs with it. Mind you we previously had one and got rid of it for this reason. My mom knew this.

My brother in law gave my son (7 at the time) a blow dart gun! He has also given my son a horse skull 💀 no joke haha the damn thing is huge

Grandpa bought my two boys who are 6 and 7 snowball throwers. Then to top it off my boys figured out that when you blow into them they make a sound like a kazoo.

My dad bought my then 7 yr old son a gas powered go kart that he had to put wood blocks under peddle so he could reach. My son is now 26

My mom bought us air soft guns for Christmas one year. My dad was NOT happy. He's an eye Dr. My little brother opened his and didn't realize it was automatic and it started firing at me across the room. I was screaming and my brother didn't understand what was happening. My dad took them all away until we have protective masks.

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