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TEXT TOPIC: What is on your Radar?

The thing about PAM – Dateline

Secrets of Playboy – A&E

Lulu Lemon leggings

Just Ingredients Instagram /Podcast with Dr. Redd from Red River

The Woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window -Netflix

Righteous Gemstones - HBO

OMR, Instagram "hidreley" its a guy that posts historical figures, Disney characters, people we lost too soon, and other people with A.I. to see what they would look like today. Its amazing. The pics look like real people

Malawi's Pizza in Provo is on my radar every Pizza you buy they give a meal to a kid in Africa. The meat Safari and chicken bacon ranch are my favorite. The steak balsamic salad is also great

on my radar: food truck "el nene Sammy" (say it like "nay nay") - it is Mexican food with argentine flavor. Omg! so good! Big open burrito with steak, and giant quesadilla with pork. Yum!

Murderville on Netflix. Whole show is improve

Pam and tommy

The YouTube channel: How to ADHD. I'm 21 and have had ADHD since I was 13 but this channel had provided me so many helpful tips and information about my ADHD

The Cleaning Lady on Fox. My hubby and I love it.

NCIS Hawaii. Combines NCIS and Hawaii Five-0

reacher on Amazon is funny.

have recently started watching Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. Amazing show. He is amazing in his role.

The Wonder Years reboot. Such a good show for the whole family! The writing and acting are incredible! Plus Duel Hill isn't bad to look at

on my radar is a podcast called Was I in a Cult? Its crazy how many different types of cults there are and how easy it is to get sucked into one.

The Gilded Age on HBO MAX

the book of boba fett on disney+ it's a good show for star wars fans

I finally downloaded iHeartRadio to keep listening to you. And the next day you guys were off 🤣. Still love you guys

Book (or audiobook) Intuitive Eating. Reject diet mentality & learn to listen to your body again. Honoring hunger cues & feeling so much better!

Hemp Nation Mositurizing Tan Extender... white Peach and hibiscus... Smells sooo good

Loco Burger a food truck in Taylorsville the corner of 3600 W and 5400 S best Mexican style burgers just like they are sold in Mexico.

alderbaby on Instagram has to cutest baby toys. All modern colors. I love thier hand made rainbow rocker.

A Good Spa Day in Heber!! I drive from SLC to get massages because they are THE BEST! Owner and staff are so nice. Do other treatments I need to try.

Euphoria on HBOMax.. Zendaya is amazing! It's intense, a lot of drug use, but so good!!

I binged watched MAID on Netflix such a great show!! Warning it's about domestic abuse

Investing in Bitcoin

into cardio kickboxing at premier martial arts in Riverton!

My radar OBSSESSION! Johnny's Treasure Quest @johhnystreasurequest in tiktok or his website or YouTube! Real life treasure hunts!

30year old mom cannot stop watching demon slayer SO GOOD

loving the glass throne series by Sarah J Maas. First two books are hard to get into, but could NOT put down the rest of the series

Premier Protein is on my radar! I'm having weightloss surgery next week and they're the best tasting premade shakes with so many flavors!

Paranormal Disorder on YouTube! Awesome investigations

I can't get over a chest cold. I'm living off "medicine ball" teas from Starbucks. They are on the secret menu and feel like a hug after coughing my guts out out night

Sour diesel weed

See on AppleTV with Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista. Everyone on earth is blind except a handful of people. Momoa did amazing!!

Cinnamon kettle corn from CiNn-A-Freak is the bomb!

Rebel house cycling at the salt lake location. Especially classes taught by Bashaun!!

Cryotherapy! It's instant!

What's on my Radar is the Navage nasal rinse system. I bought this about six months ago been using it in the morning and at night every day ever since I started using it I have not gotten sick I can breathe better I can taste my food better and I don't have a lot of fluid inside my head. Another thing on my radar is the sambacol black elderberry tablets for when you do get a cold including Covid deaths homeo pathic medicine works wonders it turns a two week head cold or flu into a 3 to 4 day and cold or flu

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