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TEXT TOPIC: Do you know the password for your significant other's phone?

we both know each other's passwords but we never check each other's phone.

My husband has my passwords and I have his. Those who hide nothing - have nothing to hide. It would bother me if he didn't agree to that and we discussed it prior to marriage. It's a great feeling to know I'm married to a trustworthy man

My boyfriend and I know each other's phone password and we both will hand each other phones over if we ask.

I have nothing to hide, so sure I'll share it

We have passwords to each other's phones. He knows it would trigger me if he kept it secret b/c of how my marriage ended

hubby and I have been together for 20 years. We know each other's. It's actually the same password on both phones. We didn't know we did it till we told each other. No trust issues. I don't think you should hide your passwords in a trusting relationship

yes we know each other's.

yes, our passwords are the same lol makes life easier

been married 14 1/2 years and I know his passwords and he doesn't remember mine but that's why I don't lock my phone. Also we are under 35.

if you don't share your password then you must have something to hide.

I'm 37, I don't even have a password. If I did though my husband absolutely could have it. He also doesn't have a password but I could have it as well if he did.

neither of us have passcodes. My husband used to and I had the passcode I never have had one.

6 years together. We have each other's passwords. In the beginning of our relationship it was a comfort as we both had previous relationships cheaters and such. Now it's more due to bills and standard things (hubby doesn't remember mine) I think yes you should. But each relationship is different

codes are unintentionally the same! We've known codes our whole relationship. Step sons bio mom always texted and I felt insecure not knowing why. 1-2 yrs in we have a group chat!

I think couples should have eachothers phone passwords if you trust eachother if they refuse then they are probably hiding something

Yes he knows my PW and I know his too. I have no secrets and he shouldn't either (& he doesn't) And I have my children's as well. They can't give us access to their phones, they don't get to have them. We pay for them.

My hubby has my passcode and I wish he didn't because he's gone through text messages between me and my girl besties and found out things he shouldn't know about them. I sometimes delete private texts with them to protect my friends!

we actually have the same code. No issues and I have no reason to snoop. Use it to get pictures call family text friends etc

My SO and I have our Face ID’s on each other’s phone and know each other’s PW’s. We have the same iPhone and have mixed them up several times and as you said, there are lots of times where we need access for whatever reason while the other one is not able to look something up.

It's the first relationship I’ve had without issues on social media or texts. It feels so good to have trust and not to have to worry about shady activity. I love him so much, he's a good man

my wife and I have the same passcode. Same with kids. We've been married 20 years. I think it breeds an idea of hiding something if your significant other can't access your phone.

we know each other's password. We just don't care and trust each other

we share all our passwords. Phone, Facebook, banking

wife and I know each other's passwords never thought that we would ever keep it from each other just expectation. There's no reason to keep it from each other in my opinion.

we used to. Then we had merge trust issues at one point. To the point we almost divorced. We ended working things out but 3 years later we don't know each other password.

no reason not to have password, if he really wants to hide something the password isn't going to stop him. It's not a thing unless we make it one.

good luck to you thinking that knowing your partner's password to their phone means that they dont cheat haha

hubby and I know each other's passwords and have Face ID for both our phones

My dad's passwords is my mom's birthday and yet he always forgets her birthday

both have faced ID/ finger print on each other's iPhones

I don't have my husbands password, but I've never asked for it.

We know each other's passwords. I don't check his, he's been known to check mine from time to time but he has trust issues that he is working on from his past.

we're both 27 and we never talked about it directly or if is a good thing for our relationship but we both know each other's passwords mostly because we ask each other to check something or look up an address plus I know my husband uses the same 3 passwords and he knows where I keep mine for other stuff like bank accounts, emails etc

married 28 years and I will NOT give him my password. I have nothing to hide but he finds things to get mad at "reads into things". Easier to nix the looking

We have each other's passwords. I hate it. He checks my phone searching for me cheating. It's crippling and demeaning. I don't Check his.

My husband and I share our passwords on our phones, it makes it easy when we need a quick look up or the children need entertainment

I did not have a code on my phone but my ex-husband did and when I figured out what it was I found out why, he was cheating and we got a divorce!

We are open and honest about everything we do, so we have access to each other's phones, email and social media we don't hide anything.

wife and I have each other's passcodes because why not and we have one another look stuff up if we are busy

have each other codes. Hubby doesn't remember mine half the time though.

My SO and I share ours. I think you should be WILLING to share passwords. Being willing to make sure your partner feels secure is everything in a relationship

Me and my fiancé had the same password on our phones we also have our location on for each other when we first met she was a dancer so I was going to make sure she was safe after work and now he's always keep our location on for each other

Yes we know each others passwords, but we don't check each other's phones. My 5yr old has our passwords too because we don't have a landline, in case of an emergency.

my husband knows my password but won't let me know his. It drives me crazy because he's been the one that had messages in the past from an ex. We were friends with his ex but the messages I saw weren't appropriate

We both know each other's passwords but neither of us snoop. (Atleast I don't) and we trust each other until proven not to

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