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TEXT TOPIC: Who do you know that is clumsy all the time?

My little brother's most recent injury was about two weeks ago where he somehow made it under a horse and broke his collarbone. Before that he broke his arm in during a football game. he wasn't even playing, he fell down the bleachers

Talking about slipping on stairs, fell 2 weeks ago while holding my baby and hurt my back and my poor baby has a hairline fracture in her femur.

12 yr old has a very high pain tolerance disorder so just recently she broke both pointer fingers playing basketball, she's had 8 diff broken bones.

My daughter broke her arm 3x in 1.5 years. I told my neighbor I was going to need him as a witness in court because he saw her trip on air the 3rd time.

My daugher, who is 40, falls all the time. If there is a Crack or anything she will find it. She has been a dancer her whole life.

I'm the accident prone one. Running on the trail, I'm fine. Start to walk, sprain my ankle. Tore a ligament in my foot 20 days before my wedding. Falling down the last 4 stairs at least 3 times so far this year. 😅

My brother is accident prone. Broke his lower leg bones in a baseball game, broke his femur skiing. A head injury from riding on the hood of a car. I don't know if he is just risky or dumb. Haha!

Falling: we call them random gravity checks

I am the accident prone one I've broken my arm my tailbone in my collarbone I was put into dance for 12 years to help my balance and it didn't help at all

My brother is always injuring himself and breaking things. We call him the black cloud 🤣

One of my 12 year old twins is super accident prone. She has broken multiple bones and is always getting hurt. She isn't allowed to wear socks in the house, especially going down the stairs. We almost had to move her room to the main level so she didn't have to do stairs.

My little sister was always tripping over nothing. "Air pockets" we called them.

ME!! I fall over air. The only thing that upsets me about this is no one usually gets to see.

I literally trip over air. There is not a day that I don't fall. This is how it's been since middle school

My dad! We call him butterfly wing, he always seems to be hurt.

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