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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your radar this week?

Encanto is definitely on my daughters' radar, Anna & Abby were singing the whole song instead of getting dressed 😂

I binged watched MAID on Netflix such a great show!! Warning it's about domestic abuse

Suicide prevent concert by Alex boyè it's free and for an amazing cause!

Excedrin and the new Mountain Dew

The real housewives of Miami on peacock

Nepali Chulo on 5600 W right behind raising cane's it's Indian Cuisine, a bit pricey but great quality for what you're getting :)

Sulphur springs on disney + Mystery show and it's kid friendly. Also, Camp Jurassic on Netflix. I'm an adult sucked into a kids cartoon

The woman in the house across the street from the woman in the window is insane! I can't wait for you guys to finish it 🤯

On my radar Teresa Giudice's shady new fiancée from the premiere last night

What happened to you book by Oprah

On my radar is the show Life In Pieces (I watch it on Hulu). SO hilarious.. if you haven't watched it and need a lot of laughs, check it out!

Space force is funny but couldn't make it past 1st episode because it's so horrible against Trump. Boo!

On my radar... Beatrice Caruso on YouTube. She is on her weight loss journey and is hilarious! It's so fun to watch her channel every week!

Beehive meals is actually meals that are prepared uncooked and you put them in your crockpot.

On My Radar, Hum Kids by Colgate, it's an interactive app to get kids excited to brush. My Littles love it!

Women or the movement is a tv show on Hulu. Not sure if it's new or it's been out for a while. But it's amazing! If you're a cryer and a mom, this one will get ya.

That Kristen Bell show is ahhhhhmazing. I figured it out though. 😲😲😲

Fika reflexology bar in pleasant grove

My daughter maura is an excellent photographer. I love going to her Instagram to see all the amazing photos that she takes. She is currently in New Orleans at a photo shoot.

@mtopphotograhy is her Instagram. She's a fabulous wedding/couple photographer

On my radar is a podcast called And That's Why We Drink. It's a paranormal and true crime podcast.

Crime junkies podcast. It's amazing and you will get addicted!

The new Kristen Bell show is on my radar! Binged all 8 episodes on Sunday!

On my radar WWE ATHI SATURDAY AT THE Maverik center, wrestling in general is just so entertaining

On my radar - Next Level Chef on Fox! Newest show with Gordan Ramsay

I started The Women in the House... last Monday & I'm hooked!! Also watching Salem & Sirens. Food. HUUGS in Layton.

Restore HyperWellness in Union park. It is the epitome of self care! Sauna, cryotherapy, iv drips, red light therapy and facials

Power on Starz by 50 Cent. Absolutely amazing

The Kristen Bell series gets really good. The ending is not what you think😁

I recently started Mariah Careys memoir. Its insane to hear how much she has gone through in life and the music industry

Truth be told, after party and yes lasso on Apple TV!! I also beehive meals!!

Gotta watch The Tender Bar, with Ben Affleck. Sooo good! On Amazon

I binge watched the girl in the window yesterday it was intense

Podcast with glennon Doyle called "we can do hard things". It's so good!

I've given myself black eyes, bumps and bruises by walking into my door frame, fridge door, car drivers mirror, and kitchen cabinets. Maybe I have a big head?

Dr Death documentary on Peacock. Disturbing..

EMDR Therapy Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is on my radar

Archive 81 on Netflix!

Space Force on Netflix. Season 2 is coming out on 2/18. I love Steve Carell.


My radar is the focus Erie's on A&E Secrets of Playboy. Knew the org was gross, but holy cow!!

On my radar is Italian Village restaurant in Murray. It's a little hole in the wall with great food

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