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TEXT TOPIC: What was the inspiration behind your kid's name?

My son was named totally after his Grandpa. He's a second (II), not a Jr. My daughter is named after my best friend who died when I was 12. Not biological related but is SO like her in personality and it makes me smile every day.

all last names. Bracken, Colvin, decker and Sloane. My name is jennie and I always had at least one other jennie in my class. Also I had to tell everyone it's ie and not y. So I tried to make it so you could spell then easily

I was pregnant at the same time Meagan & Prnce harry. I waited to know their baby's name to inspire me. My son is Harrison Liam. I don't like Archie.

Daughter's middle name is Chloe which I got from a character on the show 24. 🤣 She was a new character when I was pregnant in 2005.

We named our kid effy from skins. It's a British tv show

Kess, Kira and Tasha- my Star Trek babies (husband's influence)

kids names Raelynn Pearl. First name is two uncles (one passed away ray) that I'm really close. Pearl is my grandmas name who basically raised me Denver Jones me and my hubby met in Denver. Jones is his grandpas last name (his first was Ronald and I just didn't like it haha)

My dad named me after his side piece, so he wouldn't get in trouble for calling my mom by his girlfriends name.

Named my oldest after my favorite math teacher. Maizee Johnson was amazing and was the first woman to show me women are more than baby machines and make men sandwiches.

My sons name is Isiah, named after Isaiah Thomas, not from the Bible, spelt different

Named daughter Maui, that was the nickname my dad gave me. He passed away and to honor him I named her that

My dad named me his nickname for my mom when they were dating&he was stationed in Italy. Cara- "beloved". Addams Family movies are annoying, ick :'(

Huge Baseball family, we named our youngest Griffin after Ken Griffey Jr.

My name is Angelina Sophia. Its after my greek family. I am names after my grandma Sophia and Great grandma on my dads side.

Got my oldest sons name from my dad. He was watching Walker Texas Ranger and suggested Walker. It was the winner.

our son is named after my hubs uncle Roy. His middle name is after my great grandpa William. Roy William

my mom liked prez Nixon's daughter name Tricia.. but spelled mine TRISHA

my son's first name is his great grandmother's maiden name & grandpa's 2nd middle name. Son's 1st mid name after his dad & 2nd mid name after my dad

my daughter name is Joan Sophia. She is named after my mom. She passed away 4 years before she was born amd Sophia comes with my middle name.

Both my kids middle names are from my grandparents. Eve short for Evelyn and Rich short for Richard.

I was supposed to be named Bonnie-Jean. The day I was born my grandma said no, it will be Katie. Not even katelyn or Katherine. Just Katie

my name is Sarah Nicole. Sarah from the bible my dad is religious and nicole since I was born 5 days after christmas ya know st nicholas aka santa lol

my sons name came from Victor Cruz from the NY giants. I loved his story of doing his salsa touchdown dance for his mom and I just knew my son and I would have that same relationship of dancing and embracing moments like that. So I now have a Cruz

My fiancé named our daughter Octavia because of Roman history. I was not thrilled by the name until she was born 8/8 at 8:28am. Her name literally means the eighth

My 1st daughters middle name is Blessing because we were told we may never have children. 2nd is Gods perfect timing. Both are in my moms native language.

my oldest is named after his great great grandfather he's the only one that we had set in stone the rest we alphabetized A-E LOL just name we liked.

on our 2nd date, Kevin took me to see Wall E and when she said Eva, he looked at me and said our daughters name will be Eva. Rhonda

My dghtr is named after her dad but the female reversed. He is Michael Angelo and she is Angela Michelle

we named our son after the flash. I wanted it to be Barry Allen, but my husband said if we were going to do that we had to go all out. His name is Bartholomew Henry Allen

my mom is the oldest in her family, her dad's name is Lee, so they named her LEEsa

MaKenzie Kay, Kay, after both our moms and my twin, has the middle name, Kay.

my son's name is Valentino. His due date was around Valentine's Day, but it is a perfect name for him. He is a little ladies man

Adalynn Gae, Lynn after husband's grandpa, and Gae after my aunt, who said no one would name a child after her.

My daughters name is Nikita from the Elton John song Nikita. Pregnant when the song was really popular.

My son was named Vincent after the character (Nick Zano) that played the boyfriend of Amanda bynes in, What I like about you. He was my pregnancy crush. Heck he is still my crush and if I had another baby I name him Nick!

My name is Rebecca from the Bible, and my partner was named from the Bible and his name is Isaac. Very funny that we're together and the in the bible so was Rebecca & Isaac

I named my kid after Evan from the MTV challenge shows (because I always loved him). He's 9 now and my husband has no clue where I got the name

I just came back from mexico 🇲🇽 from visiting family. And one of my cousins is having his first son. His name is Axel Emiliano. Axel because their mechanics and they love how axel sounded and Emiliano for Zapata. The Mexican revolutionary.

My daughters name is Viya ( vie ah ) we got it from violin. I like V names a lot! We knew what we’re were going to name her before we were even pregnant. I was hoping so badly it was a girl so we could use it.

my wife and I had to find inspiration to name triplets. Took us forever. Like 10 days and the hospital was on our case. We ultimately named our boys: Denver Kay: I am from Colorado so a shoutout to my hometown. Kay is the name of my wife's grandpa who died the morning the triplets were born. Hunter James: both family names from my wife We named our daughter Raegan June. Raegan because we liked the idea of calling her Rae. Maybe a little Star Wars inspiration there too, but don't tell my wife. Her middle name June is my grandmas middle name that has been passed down to my sister and now my daughter

my youngest daughter is Alixandria Maria. Alixandria my mom picked it had to be greek and it is a powerful beautiful name she hates it she goes by Lexi. Maria from my husbands grandmas name so her great grandma.

my daughter Katlyn her name is my middle name. My son Owen I was at a Jurassic park movie and heard that name and loved it. And he loves dinosaurs.

my daughter is named Elsie. After a pioneer ancestor of my husband who's husband couldn't walk and wanted his wife to leave him to die. She said no, threw him in the hand cart and pulled him all the way to slc

My 2nd daughter's name is Ni'Ellie pronounced like Nayeli but her name was Ellie at 1st until I'd always say MY ELLIE IN MY BELLY then it tuned into my jelly. So nickname is now Jelly Bean

my husband and I were watching pet sematary and fell in love with the demonic child’s name - Gage.

my son was named after a character in a tv show and my husband, my daughter was named after my Gma and a movie

my middle name is after my grandma. Her name was Annie and my middle name is Ane ( An E so you say it Annie)

my sons middle name is Mac after my grandpa who was a World War Two pilot and hero. He Flew 35 missions and was shot down but saved his crew before his b-17 went down. So honored to have a little part of him in my sons name and to teach him all about my grandpa!

I'm a girl and my name is Kelsey. my mom got it from watching Cheers while she was pregnant with me and when she saw Kelsey Grammer pop up in the credits she thought that would be a cute name for a girl.

I was 6 months pregnant and my brothers in law took to reading the soda ingredients as name suggestions: caramel syrup, red #40, etc. I had to stop this madness. So when Xavier's name came to my brain, I told them this is it, please stop reading the bottle now!

My mom named my sister and I with a first name with 3 syllables, a middle with 2 syllabus and our last name is 1. Funny story because I'm engaged to be married to a guy with a last name with 1 syllabus so it'll be the same

my nephew is named Silas my sister tells everyone that it's because it's biblical but she got it from the show "Weeds"

I was told my name was from a magazine turns out it was Penthouse

my daughter's name is Scarlett Ofelia. Her middle name is after my late grandma. She passed away a year ago tomorrow. I found out I was pregnant w my daughter two weeks after her passing and I knew then if we were having a girl she had to have her name. Scarlett just sounded good. I think they are kind of old names that go together well.

my daughter is Kara after supergirl, Kara zor-el, and my son is Grayson, after Robin, dick grayson. We wanted super heroes!

my daughters name is Beyonce, yes she was named after the singer, BUT from when they were destiny child's.

was named after Elise Mckenna from the movie summer and time. Totally accomplishment cause she's gorgeous!

My sons name is Zayland Allen Reid Scott. First boy to carry on the family name and Allen Reid after all of his uncles. To many to count.

I was named after Jennifer Warnes my mom was best friends with her sister, she's a singer. And I named my daughter after Tisha Campbell

my sons name is Brody because it's another word for "doing donuts" in a car and that's my husbands favorite thing to do

Alice from Alice in Eonderland. I think she's a very underrated character.

In 2009 I was listening to an interview with Tobin Bell who is Jigsaw in the horror movie Saw! TOBIN was it for me!

My youngest daughter is named Layla after the Eric Clapton song.

my sons name is Drake. His dad is an avid duck and goose hunter. Drake is a male duck.

my name is LaDina. My mom could never give me a explanation for my first name but my middle is Don. I asked why not Dawn ya know the girl spelling. She said Dawn would have made my name too long!! Also have a sister named Qusten. Like Houston but with a Q.

Named my son Foxx because I was a big x-Files fan.

my oldest is Danika my hubby and father in law wanted to name her after Danica Patrick. I changed the C to a K to spite them. Middle is Kambrie listening to your show 12 yrs ago a girl had named hers Cambria and I liked it but wanted it different.

my youngest is Blakelie Elise didn't realize until later my uncle is Blake my aunt is Julie. My daughters middle name is E for Edith my grandma who passed while I was pregnant and Lise for my mom Lisa

we named our daughter after her grandma who died of brain cancer before they could meet.Beth Ellen it's amazing how much our little beth reminds us of her

my son is named after his great grandfathers. Both my grandpa and my husbands grandpa have the same name, and then he has my husbands name as his middle name. He's Stephen John.

my son middle name is Corbin after Bruce Willis character in 5th element Corbin Dallas

I named my daughter Bo after the little girl (Abigail Breslin) in the movie "Signs"

I named my daughter after Audrey Hepburn, now she looks like her!

my daughter is Marlee after bob Marley

Abigail came from the book Sacketts my husband came up with it, Anna Maria came from from the band Rebelde :)

My parents came to this country and didn’t know English and they learned it watching the news and at the time there was an anchor named Kathleen and that’s what they named me.

I named mine Cruz and Preslee Cruz was actually my grandmas maiden name and Preslee is cuz I grew up LOVING Elvis (whole fam did) & I always loved it for a girl since I was little

Colvin is after Tyler Colvin from the Rockies. He hates it now since COVID. His birthday is on the 19th as well so kids call him Colvin 19

my friend named his daughter after the famous Tik toker Addison ray. So that is her first and middle name.

My granddaughters name is a Dallas after the Dallas Cowboys, and my grandson's name is Brantley after Brantley Gilbert the country singer

my MIL is named after her dads favorite brand of cigars. Muriel Cigars.

my son is named Atreyu after The Neverending Story

We named our oldest after Brad Pitt's character in Legends of the Fall, Tristan. Pitt is ridiculously gorgeous in that movie and my hubby totally knows that's who we named him after after! It is one of his favorite movies as well.

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