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TEXT TOPIC: Where did you honeymoon?

we honeymooned in the western Caribbean through a cruise! So much fun!

we had our honeymoon in the northwest in a cabin on a bay that connects to the ocean.

we got married 11/11/2020,small back yard wedding and we went to Santa Cruz room right off the beach. My first time seeing the Ocean, it was fantastic.

My ex and I house sat for a friend of his Dads for a week. Just here local . And got paid $800 to do it.

we were very young and very poor, so we stayed in a friend's cabin in Yosemite in December. It was gorgeous!

After much opposition we ended up spending a week in Steamboat Springs,CO. Good food, hot springs in the snow covered Rockies, and we named our oldest after the main road in town

We went to Seattle. I love Washington so much.

We honeymooned in San Diego...although we didn't leave our room very much lol.

Puerto Vallarta 33 years ago next week

we went on a road trip through Central California, wine country, San Francisco and then down the coast through Monterey it was a great two weeks

We went to Smoky Mountains in Oct for our honeymoon and stayed in a private cabin. Sooo beautiful. I felt like I was in a hallmark movie.

we stayed at anniversary in for 3 nights. Didn't want to travel and all that stuff after a busy few weeks of wedding stuff. Then on our 1st anniversary we went to Cancun for a week

honeymoon, we honeymooned for four days in March at Bear Lake. Both from Utah. Let's get real, we cared about one thing who cares where we were

We went to Disneyland

me and the wifey took a cruise to St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, grand Turk and Puerto Rico. The whole shebang

we were poor 20 yr olds in 1987 and headed to Zion for honeymoon 1987. Loved it

We went to St. Lucia for 7 days. It was amazing!!! So relaxing. No kids. Cocktails. Sunsets. The best!

we honeymooned in Vegas and we had a blast

We drove across I-80 to Cali and went up the 101 to Washington State. Took a week

macinac island Michigan! I was in awe over a place with no motor vehicles... horses and lots of people walking!

We went to Sydney Australia for our honeymoon in 2010! Rhonda

All inclusive resort in Dominican Republic.

couple days in San Diego and a couple days at Disneyland.

We went to Vegas for our honeymoon, and a group of friends came Down a few days later.

married in September 2020, we went to cascade and McCall idaho! Amazing!

Caribbean cruise for for 6 days and then New York for 4 days. Never spent that much time together 1 on 1 so we learned A LOT about each other!

we honeymoon kind of all over Italy we did Milan, Bellagio, lake Como Florence, Venice, and pisa.

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