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TEXT TOPIC: What trauma are you not dealing with?

my mother's death

my brothers death- he was 26 has 2 young kids (ages 4 and 2) and I just can't. I can't wrap my head around it it's not fair I don't feel like I'm allowed to grieve and not be ok. I'm a mom of 2 and run a restaurant. My kids deserve a mom who isn't always crying...

Last year I was completely betrayed by my oldest brother, who happens to be my husbands best friend. When I'm honest with myself I know it's affected me more than I admit. Just keep pushing that down. I know it will rear up at the worst moment if I don't deal with it, but just don't ready to go there.

My Mom's suicide *2009*

Trauma from that stupid earthquake. I still obsess about it daily. I don't sleep well because of it. Every little rumble noise puts me into panic mode. I need to get over it but it really messed me up.

sexual assault from 15 years ago by high school boyfriend. Small town made it feel impossible to ever come forward with the truth

My parents' divorce was final 6 months ago. It's hitting me like a ton of bricks, now!!!

Haven't dealt with my mom's passing it's been four years now

trauma haven't dealt with, watched my dad unexpectedly die.

lost my 17 yr old nephew in car crash 10 yrs ago then my father to cancer a yr later. Thought i had healed until my father in law committed suicide 4 months ago

My mom died 7 years ago and my older brother died less than 2 years ago. I'm constantly fighting to not "lose it" as my family dwindles

early Nov my 7 year old stepson passed due to medical complications.. it hasn't really sunk in yet like it doesn't seem real that or too much alcohol

My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer and every day I feel like I’m going to lose it but I can’t because I have siblings who are counting on me to handle this

I haven't dealt with two traumas. 1. Is sexually assaulted when I was 4. It was me and my sis and so it's hard as I feel like it's not just my story. 2. I left a 6 year marriage he was abusive in every way. Been going to therapy for 4 years and we are now starting to go into these.

husband cheated a couple years ago. It's gotten to the point that I gave up on working through my trauma and am just waiting for things to fall apart.

as soon as I got to a good place with a super traumatic divorce, the pandemic hit, and since then my life has been turned upside down. I've just been doing some very big things in my life, that feel like I'm "moving forward" but the truth is, I've been stuffing it down for a very long time. I can feel it slowly bubbling up.

I was in a very physically abusive relationship in my early 20s and I never fully dealt with it and it has carried into every relationship since then. I'm very closed off and defensive and constantly trying to prove That I won't take any crap. But not always in a good way

trauma: traumatized people traumatize people. My mom's dad died when she was 8. She's never dealt with it and now I'm in therapy trying to fix the things she broke in me

I also 2nd EMDR!!! It's intense but life changing

date rape where I was almost strangled to death

My best friends death at 19 I'm 31 now

I was abuse by a cousin when I was a kid. He is the same age as me. We are now 43. I have never ever told anyone

my husband died almost 5 years ago unexpectedly. Had a 5, 2 and barely 1 year old. It's hard trying to help them through their grief while trying to deal with mine too.

My brothers passing. 2 Years later still don't know how to deal with it. I tell myself to this day i'm going to die from a broken heart

Didn't realize how traumatic my sister being in the ICU has been for me. She is a tiny bit better but was unresponsive and has had strokes, and she's not the same right now. I broke down yesterday after holding it in so long.

the trauma I still deal with is my mom constantly bringing me in with her problems with my dad. She would constantly tell me how bad he was and how he made her feel. Had me snoop in his phone to see if he was cheating. I was a kid and I was treated as more of a friend than a child. I should have never had to hear the things I did as a kid through being a teen

I still got trauma over losing my mother a year-and-a-half ago and my dad not being smart with his life since she's passed I love him but it's been tough

I never dealt with being raped at 13 and/or my older sister blackmailing me about it for 4 years and making me think it was my fault.

My little cousin got murdered by his neighbor, he was only 25 from LA. He was my bestfriend and Im not sure how to cope..

My dad passed away from Covid in October. It was a very traumatic experience

I am just starting to deal with the betrayal trauma caused by my husband. He has a sex addiction and has cheated on me several times. I've stayed because he has told me he doesn't want to divorce me, and because I want him to get help. We are separating with full intentions of reconciling while he starts personal addiction therapy and I am starting emdr. This the hardest thing I've ever done but if I don't, the cycle will repeat.

PPD I have had it severe the last year. I have the medication now to help but sometimes it doesn't stop the thoughts I have.

sexually assaulted by a group of 3 boys in college 15 years. Never told a soul until last week...told my husband. We have been married 13 years. It Feels weird. It feels more real now that I said it out loud.

I have not dealt with my parents divorce. My dad was cheating, I found out and he told my mom I was a liar and tried to kick me out of the house. Haven't spoken to him since, it's been over 10 years. Now I can't remember many parts of my childhood. I haven't talked to someone professionally about it because I'm scared to remember the past, I think it will make me sad.

my girlfriend passed away on Christmas Eve in car accident and it still don't feel real, her family is blaming me for her death cause the said I should have been driving but I stood home that night cause I was tired from working

One of the most traumatic things I've been through is when my adopted parents (they adopted me when I was two years old) gave me back to the state when I was 15. And now that I'm 27, I had to cut them out of my life because both me and my son deserve better and they will never be the parents I needed my whole life, as well as everytime I see them it brings all those feelings of betrayal and hurt. And I am able to compartmentalize so that no one knows what I carry every day. Unfortunately this is just one of many examples I could talk about that's happened to me.

I haven’t dealt with finding out my daughter is deaf. It’s been 5 years and I still haven’t coped with it well. Deep down I’m still grieving

My husband and his sister were physically and verbally abused by their dad for their whole childhood. His dad also had 6 different affairs on his mom as well. His parents got a divorce in 2020. He's now 35 and is just starting therapy for it all! Bless him!!

I also aged out of foster care and was in so many different homes. One family even moved out while I was at school. So I came home to an empty house except my room. Feeling unwanted has been an issue that fed addiction issues

Spent 8 mths of 2021 visiting my dghtr in the NICU. Told a few times she wasn't going to live. She's home now but I'm still struggling w/everything we went through.

My mom has borderline personality disorder. Growing up i never understood why my friends liked their moms. Well turns out their moms weren't playing mind games with them. I am now a mom myself and I have learned that to be a good mom I just do the opposite what my mom did.

When my dad passed I had to take care of everything because I was the only family living in Utah. I shut the grief down and it didn't come back...I didn't cry or anything...until recently, 23 years later. Healing now.

my dad committed suicide and my little brother found him and tried to revive him but he was passed for few hours at that time. Shortly after my grandma ( dads mom) passed from a car accident. Suicidal awareness is important

I don't think my husband has dealt with his moms unexpected passing 15 years ago. It seems to really come out around the holidays he closes off and seems bitter about any holiday. His mom was one of those amazing women who just made every holiday and event a huge deal and was "everyone's mom". Definitely hard to live up to and he compares a lot of things to the way his mom used to do it.

I'm still dealing with the trauma from my mom passing away when I was 14, it's been 37 years and I still miss her every day

dealing with dad's death, 2 year old nephews death. 2 friends suicide and loveless marriage

Taking my daughter off life support a week after her birth. I was 18 at the time and already had a one and a half year old son I felt like I had to be strong and get over her death till this day I Don't allow myself to grieve

I am just going to be very honest. I was molested by my brother and when I was 28 it all came to surface and I didn't want to be here anymore. I got help and am a lot better now but definitely need to address it and process it fully so I can talk about it free of emotion. It has bled into my other relationships

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