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TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Text Topic

I never blamed you for getting covid but I was livid when all you did was make jokes about it like you didn't care especially how you joked that my elderly mom could have gotten it. kick rocks

Don't ask me to marry you Then take it back 2 years later and expect things to stay the same......

Your dad just died, And you're making jokes about how to bury him. And treating your nephew better than your own adult son. You are a disgrace.

people who reply all when it's not needed!

people moving here we are full(looking at you california)

to my coworker you've been there not even a month I've been at our company way longer know your place

what happened to moving faster than a turtle? when you walk in front of my car and I have to stop, move your butt!

that's not just Costco! That's every store. People just hang in the middle of the aisle like they are only one that's shopping. Then give you the dirty look when you try to pass them. Is really that difficult to be considerate?

sometimes I wish you'd just stay on vacation... the kids and I do much better with you gone.

if your too sick to work in the office then your too sick to do anything on the weekends! Stop lying and come to work

it's real mature to ignore me but your probably ignoring me because you know your in the wrong

Your mom is on her deathbed quit holding petty grudges. Go visit her before it's too late. Learn to forgive and free yourself from bitterness.

to my old boss who I wasn't good enough to get the job with a pay increase. Now you wanna offer me a job and think I'm gonna take a $19 an hour pay cut. Then tell me to think about it sorry buddy mind a already made up answers no

you're a crappy supervisor, please step aside so someone else who is organized, who communicates w/ her team & doesn't play favorites can do it better, thanks.

celebrated my son's birthday on Saturday and everyone brought a present except my sister and her boyfriend who lives with us

even though you've been doing the same job as me you're not better than me. Think about it our sales were only a few off from each other

please wear deodorant to cycle! I couldn't focus because the b.o. was so bad

clean up after your dogs people!!! We're in a brand new neighborhood, houses still being built and there is dog sh*t all over the sidewalks...people let their dogs go up into other people's front yards...if you're not going to be reasonable and clean up after it, don't have a dog

to the people upstairs when someone tells u at midnight to be quiet understand we don't want to hear u bump uglies while we are sleeping, and yelling profanities at ur kids are not going to make them listen

Don't sit and drag me around saying you're interested and then up and ghost me after I catch feelings. Be a man and just tell me how you feel!

Truckers can't drive in the fast lane. The next lane over is our fast lane. Please move for us. We need to get as far as possible before the E-LOG shuts our truck off. We are hauling ur crap

when I have to drive 20 min to drop your food off and you live in Sandy in the million dollar homes. You can afford more than a dollar tip

leave your cart in the middle of the isle... I will move it! You may or may not like where I move it!

you have the loud obnoxious mouth yet I'm the one who ends up going to court. I'm trying not to be bitter and resentful but it still hurts that you don't own up to what you did

my uncle is always a jerk in family group texts we're always on eggshells around him and I decided last night in our texts to shut him up

Bro, chill on telling everyone they need therapy. It’s not a “fix all” or necessity to live; like water. Even the best therapists have their own issues. It’s ok to talk to friends and family. If you need therapy, get therapy - and that’s ok. Most people don’t actually need it - and that’s ok too.

Girl! Do not try to be a petty B especially at work. You were wrong. There is no reason for you to be locking me out of my office and telling HR and managers that I'm bullying you because you made a mistake. Get over yourself, grow up and do your job.

Hey home alarm company. Don't be surprised when you want to charge me $700 for a new panel only and I decide to go to someone else and get new equipment for half that price and drop our monthly bill by half. Learn how to keep your customers by offering deals.


Someone who claims they support police and fire but don't pull over the right when an emergency vehicle is coming. Or only supports them when it's not them getting in trouble

You are in your 50's stop acting like a teenager. You are toxic. You gaslight people. You made up this ridiculous story about me, spread it around like we are in high school, then you go in for the kill with the most hurtful statement that shook me to my core. You are a bad person. Shame on you. Grow up!

dear ex husband our children's home burnt down stop asking what they need the answer is the same EVERYTHING

U must have a death wish 2 cut in front of a slowing semi just 2 get a few feet further. Our slowing distance has already been judged and we don't slow quickly

if you have something to say say it to my face not when your walking away then go around all day saying your just trying not to get yelled at again i can hear you! And trust me you have never heard me yell- I would make you cry at this point I wouldn't care if I did grow up if you can't take constructive criticism then find a new job your not perfect

Just because you're my husband's only sister doesn't mean we should all bow down to you. There's a reason most of your brothers want nothing to do with you!

Your so pathetic. Taking me to court to modify the decree so you don't have to pay alimony for the next couple years. Your going to pay more in attorney fees then if you just paid the damn alimony. And your very unlikely to win. U just can't stand that I am getting your money.

To those people who tried to steal people's identity there is a place in hell for all of you good luck with that

why do you think it’s ok when we give you work to not finish then steal money! Be honest people

Daybreak people, when our family is feeding the ducks, don't let yout kid run through the group of ducks kicking and screaming at them. Be kind to animals

If there's not a right turn lane at a light don't go in that lane unless you're turning RIGHT! You might save yourself a few seconds but you're slowing everyone else down

oh my gosh people...turn your darn lights on when driving at night! Every time I drive at night there is ALWAYS someone on the freeway without their lights on. They're killing me!

My ex threw me down the stairs physically attacking me and since he did this at his house he filed dv on me and took custody of my daughter. He was in prison for 5 years and my daughter was only 7 when this happened

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