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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

We went to Fat Cats in Ogden to celebrate my sons 11th birthday. Happy Birthday Nikolai!!!


We went to the Red Door escape room in Riverton. It opens next month but we were able to pilot it to test everything and let me tell you-- FUN brain work!


I found supernatural on the oculus. You guys NEED to try this!! You live exercising every day!! It's incredible!!


I went to the Ketamine SLC clinic for my first infusion. 1 weeks ago you had a woman call in and talk about how it helps with depression and PTSD. If this helps me the way I think it might, I owe YOU and that woman that called in my life. The clinic was amazing and even after 1 infusion I can tell a difference. My next one is this week. Wish me luck!


What I did over the weekend!! My bf and I started doordash Thursday evening so we don't sit home bored during the week. . Went out Friday for a few hrs, Saturday and Sunday and banked about $340. Excellent weekend and easy money


went to dinner and to Wise Guys in Ogden Friday night for a late birthday celebration. Then played in a sand volleyball tournament on Saturday at The Sandbar


went on a spontaneous road trip to Capitol reef and it was amazing


i binged Ozark on Saturday, screamed at the tv. Was still angry about it on Sunday


Friday went to wise guys at the gateway saw JB smoove Saturday went to midway for dinner at cafe galleria. Love it there been a few times. And tonight going to ice castle

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