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TEXT TOPIC: What did you do as a kid that you couldn’t do now days?

shoot a gun in the air for New Year's eve


When I was 12 my mom used to send me to 711 to buy her cigarettes it was like $2 a pack


My mom took a rifle to school for a yearbook picture. She didn't try to conceal it at all, and there were no issues


My parents let me drive their car to the grocery store and places close to my house when I was 15. That definitely wouldn't fly today.


my father put his three girls ages 4, 6 and 8 IN the silo while he shot corn silage in. It was our job to scamper and stay on top of the incoming silage thus spreading it out instead of letting it pyramid to the top. We scampered for fear life. Coming out at the top if the silo a sticky mess head to toe. I would not even let my children climb on the silo because it was so high. Let alone put them inside and possibly bury them alive. CRAZY


sitting in the front seat in elementary school.

Leave me (12) and my sister (15) home alone for an entire weekend by ourselves so our mom could go boating with her boyfriend.


riding in the bed of the truck to go camping, or the store, anywhere really.


my parents left us home alone very young. I was "babysitting" my 3 younger siblings at 8. We were 8, 6, 4 and 2. It was never super long, maybe an hour or two at a time, but it was still done!


Ride around in the back of a truck or car (station wagon). Oh what fun the turns and bumps were!


In the mid 80s in New Jersey I took an M16 rifle to high school in a tennis racquet bag. I gave the teacher no warning and pulled it out to give a how to speech on disassembling and reassembling it. Didn't get in trouble, just took it back to my locker after.


raised on a farm don't have a memory prior to knowing how to drive. We drove tractors. Large dump trucks, trucks and trailers, hay bailers, manure spreaders etc. Yes we had blocks strapped to the peddles in order to reach them. Yes we drove the truck dragging a skiff while my dad stacked bales of hay above his head onto the skiff. Needless to say we learned QUICK not to pop the clutch. Years later, It was a struggle to teach my own kids to drive at 15-16 all the things that I no longer had to think about having always known how to drive from such an early age


I remember going with the neighbor kids walking to 711 at midnight.. Yes needed that penny candy!-- penny candy kids we where only about 8


When I was 8, I had built a snow cave in my front yard and had worked on it until about 10pm with a flashlight. Told my parents I wanted to keep going and ended up falling asleep in it. Woke up around 4am...super cold but not dead. Had to pound on the door since I was locked out.


when I was about 10 or 11 years old we would toilet paper a specific house. And we would do it every single weekend. And my mom would supply us with the toilet paper. And just told us not to get caught.


walking to Albertsons at age about 8 with a note from mom for permission to get her a pack of smokes. Yes they sold them to me with that note. Crazy


When I was 10 and uncle Taught me how to drive a stick shift so he could drink and hunt at the same time time


I started driving myself to school at 14... only rule was no friends and I had to park at the seminary building so "nobody knew"




My parents moved out of state w/o telling my birth father. Would be kidnapping today.


When I would get out of school for the summer my mother would get me a lagoon, zoo, gym and bus pass then tell me to have fun and explore the city. I'm talking 1st grader 6 years old running around downtown SLC, all day every day.


my parents would drop a group of us off at Magic Waters for the day. No parents. Ages 15-7


My dad was a retired cop by the time I was 12. That didn't stop him from teaching me to drive. I drove in parking lots first then all over town by 13. Man he was brave or dumb.


my mom let us have a picnic on the roof of our house, when neighbors started calling her she made us get down and was embarrassed but I just remember it was a lot of fun


my mom made me sleep in a closet as punishment for cracking the board on our bunk beds. She left me and my sister home alone for a weekend, we were 5&6, to go out of town for a concert.


My parents would leave my 3 brothers & I home alone all the time with the oldest being maybe 9 & the youngest being 3 at most? We'd get into all kinds of trouble incl jumping from a 10-12ft stair landing down to the sofa below. MANY injuries throughout our childhood!


parents would leave us home alone all night while they all went to wendover probably 9 & 7


early 90s- mom would let us ride our bikes over a mile to go to Kmart and the dollar store. We'd wander and entertain ourselves for hours


grew up in a hick town, we all had our rifles in the back of our pickups at high school


we used to climb up the tree next to the garage and climb onto the garage roof and jump off it onto a mattress in the backyard over and over again


parents driving with the fam drinking beer. Sister asked if we could stop for soda. They said no, here have a drink of beer. She whined that she doesn't like beer & they said it's beer or nothing


omg & the times in Wendover leaving us in the game room for hrs until it closed Being left in the car for hrs while they were gambling


Downtown Ogden, '70s, dad would send me to the bar by our house with money to buy him cigarettes out of the vending machine by the back door of the bar. Never questioned. ~Stu (old school Jax listener)


Every 3 months my mom would leaves us at 8, 7 & 3(me) to go on vaca w/her boyfriend. Worst? We lived in Puerto Rico and they would go to Disney World in Florida!!!


at my dad use to take me to work (I was 4)he was a bartender I would sit on top of the bar and put the fruit on the sword toothpicks and place them in the cocktails one of the best first memories


My dad would take me to the babysitters on his motorcycle with a belt around him and me. I was 1


I was 7 years old and babysitting my 3, 2 and 1 year old siblings, for hours. Pretty sure that's illegal


Me and 3 of my younger siblings rode in the back of a truck from Orem to Bryce Canyon. We were 8, 4, 3 and maybe 2.



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