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TEXT TOPIC: Does your car have a name?

I named my old Ford truck Marlene. Just seemed to fit

my friend got a Jetta back in our HS days,& she named it bj, years later we realized what bj meant

We name all our cars. Currently we have Polly the Pilot and Frank the Ford.

I am a VW bug person. My cars always have names! My cream color bug is named Honeybug

Cadillac is Reggie. Kia is chastity. Durango is Jasmine.

I always used to name my vehicle in high school but not as an adult. Until my five year old heard the teaser commercial for this topic last night on his way home from school and he has his named our vehicles Bruno and Darth

We call our Subaru, Super Ru because once in a snow storm the cars all around me were spinning out and I couldn't even tell I was driving in snow. Fell in love with my Subaru that day. I felt super!

we name all our cars based in their personalities. We have 6 currently. One badd apple Crystal blue persuasion Purple rain Silver bullet Christine Black Betty

I have an older car that I've named Mitzi! She is a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant she is a good girl ! My daughter turned 16 and just received her DRiver license and is getting ready to take Mitzi over. I hope she takes care of Mitzi! My newer car her name is Jo Jo. She is a 2018 Dodge Journey.

named our new blue Ford Fusion Sapphira, sa-fear-a, the name of the dragon from the Eragon book series.

my Yukons name is Cora. I wanted to name a girl cora so bad but I am done having babies sooo my got the name 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ It was also my grandmas name

I name all my cars. My Toyota was Dante. My Audi was Susan. My Mazda is Maverick.

used to drive a 1984 crown Vic and we named it Sally the gray boat.

Trucks name is abu (monkey from Aladdin) and my side by side's name is zazu

I have a white Honda Accord sport her name is Pearl

My 2018 Toyota Avalon's name is Sally

I used to have a Honda Accord. Her name was Rhonda the Honda.

my cars name is foo foo . Like a stripper

my motorcycles name is fang. Pearl white with a bite

Black tundra, Suki fujiyaki, black Kia, Black Betty, and my Kawasaki cruiser motorcycle is Hellen.

My car is named Rosie. She is a wine color and so thats what I felt her name was. I name all my vehicles.

I had a black nissan xterra and her name was Blackbarbie. I now have a silver Audi q5 and her name is Sassy Girl

Car names. Merryweather after Sleeping Beauty blue fairy. Stella after Stells Rosa Black wine

My wife use to drive a Nissan Stanza. She named it George after George Costanza from Seinfeld.

my cars name is Lex and I like to add fun (fast n furious) sound effects while driving. She is fast!

Durango=DuGee (Doogee) Wrangler=Geep (the gee is pronounced like Lee)

Our car's name is Glitch The truck is Ralph Jr or RJ (we sold the original Ralph)

one of our cars actually has 2 names : ) it's an old school Pacifica that Celine advertised, so my guy calls her Celine. My grown daughter and I road trip so we call her Weezy- Thelma & Louise

I name my vehicles. My first car, little focus hatchback, was Curtis after 50 cent. My Raptor is Bruce after Batman.

Rav4 = Raven or RayRay. Camry = Cameron

My 2006 Eclipse is known to the world as the Red Dragon, shhh he's asleep right now

We don't really call our cars by names.. buy we bought a Kia Soul and a Kia Forte within a month of each other. Named the Soul "Bubba". And the Forte "Sharky" because it had a radio antenna that made it look like it had a dorsal fin. Also had a minivan at that time. But I told the kids it wasn't cool enough to have a name.

My Subaru with all the safety features pretty much can drive itself so we named it Yoda and it's Yoda green

have a Nissan GTR her name is same as my baby. Because she gets treated the same as my baby (wife)

DDD is my vehicles name. Dirty Dolly the Durango. My old Acadia was Adam because he was Maroon.

my old boyfriend had a king cab he named Imafu...

we named my husbands old ford ranger "the strange" since we never drove it.

My daughter named her car Natalie

My white Durango was Betty White

my Murano’s name is Nancy. I haven’t ever named my cars but my daughter in law names all her cars so she named my car

I name all my cars, my newest Jetta is Lilo.

I have a green fiat so I call it – Loki

My friend named her van... Vanessa.

Black Camry - Dark knight, Yukon- Billy, 2000 Mercury Voyager - Big Mama

In high school my cars name was Alfredo the Alero.

Had a Camry in high school. My friend named it the wile mobile (like wile the coyote) because it only had the Y and the LE badging on the car

Silver Forester, named Duke Silver, cause he's smooth!

I had a red Nissan Sentra, I named it Ruby Rose after the Australian actress because she's heart. Now I have a silver cyan and I named him Sterling

My very first car was a 1990 Buick LeSabre and we called it old religion

Hyundai Sonata is Sonny and jeep grand cherokee is Chief, Acura is Ace

Silver Nissan Pathfinder named Sylvia

my new car is called Ursula the sea witch. Nothing but problems since we got her.

silver Camaro in high school called it the silver bullet

we have two. Junk and beauty hahah

my precious cars name was dorth. The lady I bought the car from was Dorothy Ducenberry. She was an old lady in Vegas that only used the car to go gamble.

My new sports car is "Side Chick"

my new rav 4 is Leona after my kick A grandma

Ursula is a Black yukon denali xl

Daughter calls her car grut

my Subaru is Maeve and my best friends Subaru is Mabel

Marion suburban. Purple people eater... my husband had the idea to shorten it on my license plate to pp eater... he didn't realize

had a truck named Green envy and then red fury. I call my tribeca spaceship.

My cars Jacqueline but it's pronounced Jay quell in .

my orange SUV is “The Cheeto”

Nissan Maxima named " maxipad "

have a white 2019 Dodge Journey, her name is Karen the backs White Beeotch.

Maroon suburban. Purple people eater... my husband had the idea to shorten it on my license plate to pp eater... he didn't realize

I call my 2018 Expedition "Big Bertha" because it's huge. Hubby calls his big blue truck "Lil Blue". Our teen daughter will be taking over the Honda Accord that's been named "Hon-Dur"

I have a 2000 blue Ford Explorer named Bruce

The names of our cars: Sonia the Sonata and the Grey Bomber

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