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TEXT TOPIC: WWYD-Neighborhood kids came over and left without cleaning up?

"let it go! Let it gooooooo!"

the older kid was not babysitting or directly told he was in charge. He's a child, she's the adult.

It's absolutely appropriate to text the neighbor's parents and have the kid come back and clean up their mess. If they didn't make the mess, that would be one thing. I wouldn't make them clean up my kids mess. But it teaches them a lack of responsibility by not making them come back. As a parent I hope someone else would ask for my kid to come back.

move on. Don't let that kid come back over

As a parent, I would want to know my kid made a mess at someone's house. I would have no problem sending them back to clean up!

this is exactly what happens with our neighborhood. We all agree the kids come over they have to pick up. Even the moms agree the kids have to come back and pick up.

100% talk to the parents. If that was my kid I would be embarrassed! I always make sure my kids clean up their messes at other houses and s peace the same at mine. What she did was correct!!!

Bring it up and ask the other parent. So when my kid comes over does he clean up after all The kids are done playing. Touch on how your trying to teach your kid to be respectful in other homes. Then the other parent will ask does my kid clean up. Then fireworks. Lol Jk

when there's an older kid it's always there fault. Literally always. I think she did the right thing. That kid was 100% taking advantage of the situation.

It is NOT the 10 year olds responsibility to watch those kids it IS the parents!!! She never should have left them alone for that Long and she should use this as a teaching moment staying with them and helping them and showing them how to clean up

I would go talk to the parents, not a text. Explain the situation, and be tactful. Most parents would agree with the kid needing to help clean up.

if I got that text it would tell me my kids are unsupervised at her house.

Let it go. They're kids. If it continues to happen and your rules are never respected then simply stop having them over. Its your choice on if they're over

I tell my kids our house you know the rules you know what I expect. If they make a mess with their friends, I tell them make sure your friends help clean up, or it's ALL on you to clean up.

when I had friends over my parents made it clear that it was my responsibility to clean up whatever mess was made during play and they always reminded me to ask my friends to help clean up before they left. If I didn't ask them to help then I had to clean up by myself

my daughter had some friends over for a weekend sleepover and her friends left her room absolutely destroyed, food, garbage, clothes etc.. after she had it spotless before they came over. I was fuming, I didn't reach out to their parents, but I did tell my daughter to let those friends know that it wasn't appreciated and it was very disrespectful and that they wouldn't be allowed back for a while.

I have 2 girls and my neighbor had 3 girls at the time. They were all between 4 - 8 mine 4 and 6. She called and said there was a big mess from them playing so I sent my girls over to help clean up even though we had plans. Now I won't let her kids leave my house until they've cleaned up their mess even when she says they are in a hurry.

I have 3 kids and two of them are 5yr old twins who make a huge mess wherever they go and I always make a point to tell them they better clean up their messes and sometimes I help if I'm at the house they are playing at as well so they can see that we don't just leave a house a mess. I get where the mom is coming from and but I don't think I would be able to do what she did and have them come back and clean. Lol

had to tell a patent once. 2 young girls playing makeup... they got it on the area rug and proceeded to clean it my swirling an entire bottle of dish soap and cups and cups of water!! I was pissed! They said "we were trying to clean it up" I thought well that backfired!! LOL ...self noted LOL

I think it is the consequence of having friends over. I would never expect little kids to "be clean" while playing. It is unrealistic and they will fail every time. You have to expect it. That's why parents don't do play dates often.....it is hard work!

I would have made my kid clean up the mess, teaching them that when they have friends over they are responsible for the care of the house.

I've been in the situation with messy kids. I reached out to the parents and just asked for like a 10 minute warning before kids needed to be home to help clean up. Other parents were super understanding and it hasn't been a problem since.

I would want to know if my kid left mess like that and be happy for the teaching moment! Home training is essential. Can't fix what we didn't know happened.

Sounds to me like this woman thinks her kids can do no wrong and is blaming the neighbor kids. When friends are over the kids who live there are ultimately responsible for the mess.

I think it's wrong to put the blame fully on the kids. Kids want to have fun and that includes a mess. Yes they should have cleaned up but not checking on them through out and then not checking on it before they left. Regardless of age once they leave it's on you.

welcome to being a kid mom! Nothing broken? Nothing destroyed? Clean it up or be ready to be the lame mom in the neighborhood

I don't like that she texted. Put big girl pants on and have a face to face.

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