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TEXT TOPIC: A subject is totally off the table with people in your life?

religion, with almost my whole family

Parenting, I have a friend who always has to have her kids one up mine.

Cannot talk about money with my spouse. Always ends in a fight.

Past relationships are off limits with me. I will not talk to my wife about them period. If my wife brings it up I will get mad at her.

soon to be ex husband- can't talk about how many times he's cheated, idiot

cannot talk religion with my Dad. He is way over the top and asks me if I've read the Bible and BOM every time (yes, cover to cover) and tells me to go to church, any church. I am anti organized religion for many reasons, but probably mostly because of him.

I can't talk about my daughter's diagnosis of autism with my father. He assumes it's just a phase or that she'll grow out of it. I try to educate on it but he just doesn't believe it. Thinks she's "fixed" because we've put in the work to help her and to understand it more. We just can't talk about it I get all mama bear.

My step mom and my father in law... trying to work thru my past and trying to get clarity and wrap my head around everything. If it has to do with their short comings or me trying to implement boundaries, they won't even go there.

religion or God .. they just won't accept that I'm an Atheist .. I accept that they are Christians

the topic me and my wife won't agree on is how much I support people in law enforcement.

religion! I've recently left the dominant religion here and people still in don't understand. Not a topic I'm ready to discuss!!

cannot, will not, should not talk about our exes!!!

my brother cannot talk about Captain Marvel. He hates Brie Larson. We save that topic for long car rides where he has to drive. Works every time

we don't talk about we fighting overseas. I still have horrible ptsd so my wife knows not to bring it up

My sister and I fight about weather water is wet or not. My Mother got so mad at us over Christmas dinner because we both made PowerPoints about our opinions and we got there family members involved.

I don't talk to my brother about his wife much. I don't like the way she treats him, treats the family. But I just put a smile on and leave it.

Can't talk to my aunt about not buy my grandpa anything techie! She thinks he needs them to be happy but they just make my grandpa feel stupid because he can't remember how to use them. She gets so mad when it's brought up!

The conversation on the sale of our (deceased) dads home if sibling were to move out of it and sale. Parent always said it was for all of us to split but one sibling lives there and says it's their home and it was given to them. And then talks of moving and the value.

My dad and I cannot talk about my brother. He is in a federal prison and has been for a while. My dad still puts money on his books and talks to him. I on the other hand cannot due to why he is there I cannot get over it. I understand where my dad comes from but its just a subject we do not talk about anymore. It better for us.

I can’t talk about food, calories, or diets with my mom cause she’s the type of person that thinks it’s okay to diet on less than 800 cals a day. She always comments on how much I eat when I’m around her. Ugh

My husband and I can't talk about Chris Daughtry not winning American idol because it gets too heated

hubs and I fight about who's better - iron man or captain America. We just can't go there. It gets bad haha

My in laws run a family business. Round the dinner table they all like to scold each other for talking work, then to proceed to talk about it themselves.

I cannot use my son's preferred name or pronouns when talking to their dad. it ends up in a huge fight w/ him saying I'm being abusive not supportive.

We are not allowed to bring up my sister to my mom. Years ago they got into a heated argument on FB and since then don't talk. If we mention her, my mom goes on a passive aggressive rant to get us on her side.

can't talk with my mom about my 50 yr old sister. Shes divorcing and acting like a 21 yr old drunken sleeze

my mom gets so mad about my bridesmaid dress choices, can't talk about it

can't talk to my husband about how to parent his kids (my step sons). It always ends in a fight.

my mom goes NUTS if we talk about flat earth so we pretend to be flat earthers and she 😤🤬 explodes. Hilarious to watch.

my cousin is Lori day bell and we cannot talk about it with her side of the family… They know that she is not fully innocent now that they have found the kids bodies but there is still some disbelief in her part in the murders. It's ridiculous and we just don't even bring it up anymore because it always turns into an argument. It's just sad

can't talk about the Utah-BYU rivalry with my friends husband. It was one win in 11 years!!! That's not an accomplishment LoL Go Utes!

My friends and I can't talk about who the best basketball player ever is. Mike lebron. Big topic in the sports world

my spouse & I literally can't talk about ANYTHING! Small talk and that's about it!

can't talk about breast feeding vs bottle feed with my mother in law.

I can't talk to my grandma about my dad's adoption. I recently did my dna with ancestry and found his birth mom and family and found that his birth dad is actually related to my grandpa.

my cousin faked a pregnancy, talked horrible about the family, stole money to bail out her bf. To make her story believable she got pictures of babies & birth certificates from Google. Has "ashes" of the babies in jewelry boxes from Walmart. I just never believed her and I make comments here and there but my family doesn't like to admit and just pretend it never happened, I want nothing to do with her because I have difficulty getting pregnant and she did that, I just can't with her.

we weren't allowed to talk about my g-grandma's dad or her roots/childhood. Did DNA and found him. He was a railroad guy who stopped in town and she was the result. Scandal in a small town. She died & now we talk about it A LOT.

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