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TEXT TOPIC: What strange thing gives you anxiety?

I have the same anxiety when listeners call in. I usually have to switch stations for a minute

I cannot ride the bus, gives me horrible anxiety. What if I get lost or I miss my stop, or I take the wrong route.

My wife's Yorkie walking back and forth in the kitchen, making noise with her nails gives me insane anxiety. 😒 Her anxiety gives me anxiety.

I get that w the live callers. The sometimes awkward moments from what they say or whatever causes anxiety. The awkward episodes of the Office do that to me as well. Like the one where Michael has to tell a group of high schoolers that he doesn't have the money he promised to pay their way through college. Can't watch it. Anxiety inducing.

anxiety is high with me but Silly ones are dishes in the dishwasher not done right, towels not folded my way, when the hubby doesn't kiss me before he leaves for work, when people don't show up on time like early or they say I'll come around 11.. what does that mean???

I get anxiety watching 'impractical jokers' cannot watch them prank those people

shopping at IKEA with my wife gives me so much anxiety. I won't do it anymore. I refuse to go and get anxious padding it on I -15

thinking about going on a date causes me anxiety. I haven't been on a date in 10 years and don't have a desire to

I get anxiety going anywhere. I worry if it's busy, I worry if I will get parking,

clutter at work gives me anxiety but not at home

when someone goes off the rails while speaking in sacrament meeting. I feel anxious for their embarrassment

When my phone rings or I get a text. I'm a manager of a retail store. The last two years have been brutal

sensory overload from loud laughter

anxiety when I get an email from a certain coworker. They're a pot stirrer and an idiot so I'm always like "oh no now what?"

instant anxiety when someone at the gym is wearing jeans. Like what are you up to??

1 throw up. Literally sends me into full blown panic attacks. With 4 kids I hate this time of year. Constant state of anxiety.

bird. The sounds of their wings

Tumbleweeds while I'm driving on the side of the road on in the road... Idk. I HATE it!

the show curb your enthusiasm. I can only watch one episode at a time.

i always get anxiety when I watch Shark Tank. I can't watch it

movies longer than 2 hours give me so much anxiety

Pregnant women in stores. I get super anxious & have left stores before

I can't have anyone watch me while I park (backing in). Or anyone in the close vicinity while I back in

When strangers talk on speaker phone!!!! I don't want to know all those details!!!

YOGA...gives me anxiety! Opposite of what it is supposed to do

anything with Gordon Ramsay

this song gives me anxiety on the radio because now I have to listen to the unedited version. Can't handle the radio edits

Meeting friends at a restaurant or bar and being the first one to show up. Please don't let me be the first one

bees give me so much anxiety I don't want to get Stung!

waiting in a long line or waiting in a "waiting room"

my husband will take huge deep breaths that he'll hold for like 15-20 seconds. It gives me anxiety so bad. I'm like JUST BREATHE.

I finally thought of what gives me anxiety that I haven't heard you mention on the air. When I'm going to the bathroom at work and someone knocks on the door to see if someone is in there.

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