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TEXT TOPIC: Did you ever take your parents car without them knowing?

started taking the family Ford Pinto when I was 12. Had to learn to drive a stick super fast to do so. I'd freak if my kids did this

I started driving when my sister started. I was 13/14 when she turned 16. My parents still don't know

I did that 👋 Took it to hobbitville and hit a giant Boulder. So they found out obviously.

When I was 14 I would put my dad's truck in neutral, push it out of the driveway, and then drive off for a few hours. I always got caught.

I was 15 going onto 16 when I took my mom's 97 explorer to take my girlfriend to school opposite side of town and it was almost successful when I wanted to show off I wrecked it drove home panicked and disappeared for 2 days my parents paid $3,000 to fix it and when I got my license they gave me the vehicle

I used to drive my olders brothers car around the neighborhood. I was 12. It was an old Toyota Carolla. My parents don't know.

my husband drove all the way from slc to cedar city without his license in his dads car. At 15!!! And never got pulled over. But dad caught him by the GPS.

My brother and I used to when we were growing up living in California he would get the keys we would put the key in and put it in neutral pushing it out of the driveway And down the street a little bit start it up and take off and go hang out with friends LOL

I would sneak out the sliding back door because it was quieter, and we had a gravel driveway with a small patch of concrete. I'd park on the concrete when I came home so the gravel didnt make the crunch sound. Never got caught.

When my husband was a teenager he stole his LDS bishops car and drove it all around town with friends all night and then put it back in the morning. No one ever knew.

I was about 14 took my grandmother's car when my parents were out of town with her we went joy riding in the country, the neighbors across the street told my parents when they got home that I had taken the car all day.

My friend and I took my parent's 1970 dodge dart at 14. We drove to her cousin's middle school 10 miles away. We ended up getting caught for trespassing. We talked the principal into letting us "walk" home (how we got there), instead of calling our parents. My mom ended up catching me because my friend left her brush in the ca

my teen took my car out at 1 am. Wrecked it. $5k in damages to the car. He had to pay the insurance deductible and is grounded for life. I slept with my keys under my pillow for months after that.

when I was 15 I took my parents Ford Excursion on a joy ride to the gas station for a treat with my younger sis and cousin. My sis and I had a blast, my cousin later told me that she was so scared she was praying the entire time haha

my brother snuck out and took our dads car in the middle of the night. He was 16 and I was 12. I saw him do it cause I was awake at the time, but he didnt know. It was great for my 12yr old self cause I used that for blackmail!!

my little brother took MY car in the middle of the night to "run away" to Vegas my parents found out after the cops called because he rolled the car on the freeway in Fillmore all he took with him was clothes a jar of loose change and an emergency blanket

My mum and step dad went out one night leaving me (15) with my two younger sibs. Convinced my best friend at the time to take my mums Toyota corolla around the neighborhood. We did. As we turned the corner back onto my street, I saw my mum standing in the driveway with the garage open with a look that still terrifies me to this day. I didn't get my license til I was 17 and even then I had to ask my grandma to take me cuz my parents still wouldn't

Stole my moms 2nd vehicle at 14. The joke was on me though. It was unregistered. I got pulled over. Busted.

About 3 or 4 years ago, my little brother was only 13 or 14 years old and stole my uncles wife's car late at night.. snuck out around midnight and took the car, picked up some friends and went for a joyride. Not sure if it was the same night our youngest brother went with them to toilet paper a bishops house! Lmao

I was 15, parents were out to dinner with friends, took the car with 3 friends of mine to drive literally 4 houses down the street to my friends house & back. When I got back to my house, my foot slipped off the brake & onto the gas as we pulled into the driveway. The car went right thru the closed garage door! 🤦🏽‍♀️ and even better, it hit the other car that was parked in the garage, propelling to forward to hit the freezer & completely damaged everything in the process. I was mortified. Everyone was OK, thank goodness!

I took my parents car to a friends house for a "quick run" to grab popsicles... at the stop light my brother and his wife pulled up and waved! And then realized I shouldn't be in the car! I had to tell my dad and never did it again.

I drove several of my parents cars several times but they usually knew about it. I started doing that when I was like 13

my parents would go to wendover and I'd go cruising on Washington Blvd in Ogden. I was 13!

My friend and I were skipping school, she decided to teach me how to drive. Neither of us had licenses yet. We went to a church parking lot. I hit the gas instead of the brakes! Went through the fence!! No damage to car, just drove back home. Told our parents years later- they didn’t think it was funny!

my brother and cousin with permission drove my grandpa's truck from spanish fork utah to bear Lake utah they were 12 at the time.

When I was 13 till probably 15 I used to take my dad's extra car while he was at work. I would go pick up my friends and we'd drive around. I ended up backing over a small tree trunk and popped the tire. So from that point on I would air it up every single day so that he wouldn't notice. I did end up telling him a couple years ago lol.

brother stole my Dad's brand new truck and drove to Wendover and back. Around 3 am phone rings, cops. Brother being arrested and truck impounded unless my Dad went to get it. WW3 at our house the next day! He was like 25.

My husband and his brother stole his parents van. They got a flat tire and didn't want to get busted so they got it back home, slashed the other 3 tires and egged it. Their plan worked perfect because their parents thought their neighbors that hated them did it.

when my older brother was 15, he and his best friend Hot wired my dads truck and went on Hill Air Force Base to rent a canoe.

friend took her parents car at 15 and got in a bad accident with my now SIL in the car. Luckily no one was hurt bad.

at 15my boyf would drive his sis car from herriman to sandy at 1 am drive me back to Riverton, skinny dip at the county pool, drive me back and then him to herriman by 5 am. Usually on weekdays

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