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TEXT TOPIC: Are you suffering from adult boredom?

bored of life really. I'm over my job and feel like there's no growth with the company but can't really leave as I work from home and can have my kids home so no daycare. In my personal life I feel bored as I have nothing for myself or to look forward too.

just turned 50 am sooo bored it's affecting my job just no initiative, no drive, no desire to do anything. Thinking back when I was younger there was so much to do now there is nothing to do Utah is horrible.

I think the pandemic has caused so much mental exhaustion! I keep busy enough, but always feel bored. Can't make plans, can't set expectations anymore.

I suffer from adult boredom. My kids are older. I hate my job. Health isn't the greatest and I have no desire to go out and enjoy the things I used to. Depression sucks!

I'm a service connected disabled and retired army veteran. I have no transferable skills and all this free time. But in the long process of healing and getting help from the war I've pushed away everyone and everybody. So I'm alone with nothing to do and I hate golf lol

I'm ALWAYS bored. My job is boring. Watching TV is boring. Everything is boring! I need to go back to school.

Adult Bored. I I am currently struggling with this I am an empty nester and I am struggling with my purpose I have projects I want to do but I don't have the energy or drive to want to do them

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that's so miserably bored!

Im 38. After 21 years, Decided to retire from a six figure income. I work nights, sleep all day. No friends. No girlfriend. .-- Gonna pack it up move to Nashville on my way to Gulf Shores take a year off. Be a beach bum- August 1st my 21 year anniversary at work. I'm selling my house and I'm out of here. Wanna drive tour buses for country bands toure country festivals. Be around people!

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