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TEXT TOPIC: What did you find out about your spouse and it bothered you?

she's had a 3 way with another female but won't have one with me

when I found out he didn't put insurance on our car after a stolen car hit and totaled ours And because it was a stolen car the owner of the car isn't responsible for our car. Now we're out 8k

skid marks!

that he cheated on his ex wife a lot. I know he's a different man now and I completely trust him. Just stung a little to hear.

At the store when we go grocery shopping my fiancé gets really frustrated when I try to help her with anything. So I just stand there and don't talk. When she's checking out our fruits and vegetables in the self checkout, you're supposed to weigh them. She only puts half of the bag on the scale so she doesn't have to pay for the whole thing...

i found out that my husband doesn't know his sexual number. He has no idea how many women he has slept with. And he had the same mattress. We have since gotten a different bed. I call him a man whore 😂 for the most part ive gotten over it. At first it bugged me as ive only had 3

Found out husband lost his virginity to a prostitute his friends bought for him on his 16th birthday. Just can't get over that.

he picks his nose! Ewwww!!!

Discovered my husband's OnlyFans and Snapchat Premium while he was deployed and I was home with our one year old. He said I "wasn't meeting his needs"... from the other side of the world

I'm disappointed that my husband "ended" house affair but I just found out he's still paying her rent because his name was on the lease. He knew he could get his name taken off.

found out my husband has been smoking weed behind my back, again. He knows I don't like it I come from a family of addicts and its very triggering

found out that my spouses first kiss was on his mormon mission to a married woman.

I found out my girlfriend used to give lap dances to mormon guys at their local dance partys.. she'd charge guys and they'd go off somewhere private and she'd just give lap dances! Sadly I've asked for one but have yet to recieve..

so I found out after my hubby and I got together that he's a liar and has a problem with flirting with girls online. We've worked through it but it's something I don't know if I would have stick with if I knew it in the beginning

Found out after we got married that she had over $10,000 in student debt and I know plan to pay it off.

my wife of 10 years just came out to me as a sexual. But still wants to stay together – we have 3 kids

my husband vapes while at work. Ironically he he constantly talks crap on people who vape

After we got married I found out that my husband was involved with the mafia.

The fact that he went to brothel's and paid for sex. It was years and years ago, way before me but it bothers me a lot.

Girlfriend asked if I’d had a threesome. Said no. Asked if she had. She said “I matched with a guy on tinder. He brought his friend so I slept with the match, then hooked up with his friend in the truck“

Find out my husband is not planning to stop paying child support for his adult son. I've been waiting for this to end so we can finally buy our house where our 3y/o can grow up

found out my husband was in a gang as a body guard. He ended up shooting in self defense and fled the state. He doesn't know if he killed anyone or not.

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