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TEXT TOPIC: What was your online purchase?

I book that book last night. Amazon, the body keeps the score

we are lame. Our last online purchase was for supplements. Thanks Covid!

my last online purchase was highlighters. Had to have these special clear view.

minky couture! Forgot your coupon code though Jess

brimmz hats, hey dude shoes, bath and body works and pet supplies from chewy.com

last online purchase BLUE MAN GROUP show in Vegas bc Adele cancelled

Nintendo Switch. 2nd for me, 3rd for the house

I ordered a gaming PC for dual purpose of pursuing my degree in web design and also being able to play games with my gamer fiancé. I'm excited to see gaming through his eyes by playing with him :)

last purchase was a ps5 still waiting and it was delayed once

My Last online purchase was a Fuzz Buster, door hangers that say, do not disturb , a ski hat and mug for my ex husband that reads Buffalo Sabers (for his bday)

I bought a blend jet 2 (portable blender)

a wedding dress!

An hour ago I bought bedsheets and tank tops at Target

purchased a foot and leg compression massager. It's great.

underwear subscription 🤣 I have issues

Minecraft block building light (for my some) and ISO 100 "Flintstones Fruity Pebbles Birthday Cake" *Best supplement ever had.

Just ordered a front bumper for my 28 year old celica from the UK. $1700, ouch

My purchase was some decals for my new car and some clothes to help me sweat

my last online purchase was wool socks and also mittens for our Alaska trip

the last online purchase I had was three full Star Wars trading card sets. The first two are from 1977 and the third set is from Burger King .

curling iron

purchased a gold necklace with my husband's initials on it

silicone ring - we eloped last weekend. Nobody knows.

PAPAYA BOX 2 (silky dress/bodysuit/headband)

my last online purchase wall calendar 2022 canada

Just purchased a brand new, (near) top of the line, gaming pc/desktop system for my wonderful and very deserving children, online and couldn't be happier! It's INCREDIBLE & I find myself fighting for turns just as often as they do, Hahah!

last online purchase was 10 parking lot light heads

Last online purchase was Mary Kay from Jess! Thank you- Ashlee

I always buy stuff when I'm half asleep. Last night bought silverware, a laptop case, kitchen hardware—AND birthday presents for my nieces

The last thing I ordered online was a shirt with Paula Abdul's "Spellbound" album cover and her signature. Of course, it's me DP LOL

Moxie Weighted blanket. Totally helps me sleep and relax. Best purchase ever!

The last thing I bought were pink king size sheets and a heart Dash waffle maker I love Valentine’s Day and my kids are like already rolling their eyes

Kickr Indoor Trainer Embarrassing: working on my 71 Buick and the hood came down on my and somewhat pinned me for about 10 seconds in front of my house

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