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TEXT TOPIC: Did you do something stupid and prayed no one saw you do it?

the other day not paying attention in the Chick-fil-A drive thru and grabbed the whole tray with my food on it. The lady said "just grab your bag please". Why did I do that, I do not know!!

My daughter accidentally went in the mens room instead of the womens more then once!

Went to open a glass door, got a phone call so I answered it and forgot I let the door close. After the call walked right into it

yesterday I got into the wrong truck. Got in and couldn't figure out how to start it. I was like how did I even drive here. I've been sick so thinking maybe brain fog, then looked in the back seat and saw these new guy cloths, two days prior I had to get on my husband about his spending so I was just getting more and more pissed. A few minutes later I realized I wasn't in the right truck...

when getting my license renewed I drove on what I thought was a one-way ramp to the dmv. It ended up being a large sidewalk with a wooden barrier at the end. I was too nervous to back up all the way back down the ramp that I got out moved the heavy barrier to get my mini van through.

I left home in my husbands brand new truck and realized I forgot something, turned around, pulled into the driveway, jumped out of the truck to go get what I left in the house, and left the truck in drive and it crashed into our new house. I looked immediately to make sure no neighbors were out.

I teach 5th grade, and our school has a small set of stairs up to the classrooms. One day I fell down these stairs, but luckily school hadn't started yet. You could see me on the cameras disappear and then pop back up again, looking around making sure no one saw me. 🤣 (I didn't get hurt)

I fell on the ice in front of my boss at work.

While walking down the hall of my office, my skirt fell around my ankles leaving me totally exposed and then I tripped falling fave first right to the floor. I heard someone behind me but still to this day don't know who it was. Praying no one else saw it.

My Brother and I were at the mall. There was a mannequin with its hand outstretched, so he shook the hand, and it fell off and made a loud noise-He tried to put it back on, but it wouldn't go back on as hard as he tried.

my parents are immigrants. My mom bought marshmallows thinking they were cotton balls from Maceys--apparently marshmallows aren't a thing in Argentina

About two weeks ago I walked out of a store and opened The door of my car and got it only to realize it wasn't my car. I was parked two cars down.

when we got married,we went to the dmv to get new DL. I asked my new husband when he was going to get a new dl to change his last name

After an early flight I was half asleep but needing to go to the restroom so bad. So I rushed off the plane and ran into the men's restroom. I thought this guy was "weird" for smiling at me as I was walking in. As soon as I walked in and noticed all these men washing their hands I ran out of there in panic and the guy that smiled at me was laughing outside the bathroom.

dad walked into the bathroom at the new Costco did his business was washing his hands and a lady walked in he looked up and came running out and told us we have to leave haha the lady was laughing

When I was about 9 years old, I went to catholic church with my friend. And when we first walked in, I saw my friend and her mom touch the water and do the holy cross. So, me not being of any religion, dipped my hand in the water and rubbed it all over my face. I had no idea

I work next to the post office. Stopped one morning to pick up mail. Before I left work had to go back to the post office to mail something off. Saw my car sitting in the parking lot. I had left it there all day. Walked to the office after I picked up the mail.

was running down some stairs, the lights were dim. I forgot at the bottom of the stairs there was a glass wall to the left and a glass door straight ahead. When I got at the bottom I turned left and slammed straight into the glass in front of a room of people, immediately had a big bruise on my face.

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