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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you tracking right now?

I track my whole family! Brother, sister, sis-in-law, parents, parents-in-law. We all track each other! We think it's fun!

I track my mom. She doesn't know. I just never know where she is! I can't keep track so I put the location thing on her phone without her knowing hahaha!

Not tracking, but hubby & I location share. He goes hunting and goes out of service for work sometimes & I worry. I'm directionally impaired, so it's for safety.

I'm pregnant so I track my husband when he goes to pick up my dinner...I gotta know when my food is coming!!

I'm currently helping our 75yo family friend track her husband who she thinks is cheating with a 20 something from work--We bought a GPS tracker and audio recorder for his car. It's sad that some has to worry about cheating at that age. She spends all day watching the gps. Very Sad

my mother-in-law will track all three of her boys and all three of the daughter-in-law's. Then if we're supposed to meet her somewhere she'll text us and call us asking why we haven't left yet. Once she even texted my husband to find out why he was still working when he got off 30 minutes before that. I understand it for safety reasons but she's too much..

I am the only android phone in my family because my husband would track me all day every day

I'm tracking my dad. He is a truck driver and will randomly show up when he is in town without notice

tracking my domestic violence serial predator so I know if/when he gets out of prison

My husband is a parole officer and I track him only on the nights he has fugitive duty. Just in case the unimaginable happens, I will know where he is!

Tracking my teenage driver to make sure he makes it safe wherever he goes

My entire family tracks each other my mom, siblings, aunts. I love it! Especially when we are waiting for someone, we don't have to call them when they are late we can just check their location. Because someone is always late!

tracking starting when my son started driving to calm fears. I would watch him drive to and from work. All of us are on this app that tracks so any one of us can see where the other is at if need be. My son is 19 and I don't stress/ worry as much anymore.

My ex boyfriend would track me through our mutual friends, in order to see where I was and who I was with. Even started dating somebody new, and he would still track me down. My friends eventually figured it out, and stopped telling him where I was. But it was super annoying for the eight months he did it.

I track my husband because of his drinking. He hides going to the liquor store and after I realized he was going to the bar mid day with friends I realized I had to hold him accountable to stop drinking. He knows but not that I check almost daily

she tracks me to guilt me out of stopping at a fast food place, "Why are you there?"... it's tiring and not motivating

my fiancés ex wife tracks me. Hires private investigators and she put a tracker on his car

My nephew tracks my son and will text him as soon as he walks in the door to ask who he was with and what they did.

my MIL gets on our case for turning off Life360 but I don't feel like she needs to track me all the time. She keeps it on so we can track her. She is 65 and goes on walks/ easy hikes by herself a lot.

I'm tracking my daughter. She's in college and lives in downtown L.A and it makes me feel better to know where she is and safe. It's not the greatest area. She knows I'm tracking her.

I tracked my ex. He claimed something huge & I went back years before we got together until now & it never happened. Everything he said was a lie

My whole family uses a tracking app. We get together regularly and it makes it easy to see who's running behind or is on their way without needing to text or call extra. IMO if you have nothing to hide it's not weird for family to be able to track you.

sister used to install tracking software on kids phone due to pornography issues. Husband cheated. So she installed incognito software on his phone. Catches every conversation he has on his phone. Been 10+ years. He still doesn't know. Their marriage has deteriorated to an absolute nightmare. Her obsession pushed him away and caused so many issues.

I'm a mechanic and i have people come in all the time thinking an ex is tracking them and I've found about 10 different tracking devices hidden underneath cars

daughter and hubby track ea other. I thought it was so sweet. My daughter drives a long distance for work. He makes sure she us safe driving and has dinner hot and ready when she gets home because of this app.

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