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TEXT TOPIC: Is your job taking a toll on your relationship?

I'm a police officer who LOVES grave shift. After about 8 months of graves I start to get less and less sleep which means I'm more grumpy. Gf is awesome about everything but sometimes gets the crap end of the stick. Now on days and love life is much better. Work life kinda sucks now haha.

My job is weighing... wife never feels like what I make is enough. I'll get a raise and the next day it is, "You need a raise."... I'm not kidding. For Utah I make good money at $150... so now I'm looking for another job within my org because this constant complaint is wearing me out.

I am 29 and I made nearly 400K last year and have the opportunity to make much more this year. But that puts a lot of strain on my relationship because I pour everything into work while my wife takes care of the house and our two little kids. Hard to balance building a future and being present

I work a full 40hr a week job and part time job 20 to 24hr a week as a server so my wife can be a stay at home mom like she wants to be. But with that she gets so mad with my second job because I'm not home 4 days out of the week. It makes things hard

I'm a cop, my partner is not. It's hard finding a balance of what to vent about and what not to. Having different understanding. Plus with recent events in our world. Trying to be normal haha. It gets tough.

How about when you make more money than your partner, and as the female in the relationship, my partners have always resented me because I'm the breadwinner.

Hubby last job had 60+ hr weeks @ work & even more reports @ home. New job: better hours & pay = better marriage

I’ve caught my significant other texting others guys while she's at work and I'm pretty sure she still is.

I work 40 hours a week+mom of 3+ helping running hubbys business so he can have his dream job as a sneaker customizer

Work as a PA, average 45hrs in office, another 10-15 during "off" hours, plus call. Wife can't handle it because when I'm home I'm not home.

My husband's job. He travels all the time. In fact he just hit a 2 million mile mark with his airline of choice.

I'm a kindergarten teacher. Teaching during this pandemic has been so exhausting. Policies are constantly changing. My poor partner has to deal with me crying and exhausted almost daily.

police officer for 20 years. Had to work a part time job my entire career. Several times my wife commented she feels like a single mom, but it was the only way I knew how to keep enough money coming in. I look back now at family pictures and just cry. I feel like I'm watching a movie because of how fast if all past. I swear there is a special place in heaven for my wife for keeping our family together through it all. If there ever was a real life angle on earth it is her for dealing with all the stress my chosen profession dumped on her and the kids.

My wife and I are both ICU RNs and make decent money, and have 4 kids.. But our organization is paying the travel staff 5x the amount we get paid (up to $7000 per week!!). We want to do the travel assignment, but neither one of us want to be the one to leave home - so we are bitter and resent each other for not pulling the trigger and dining an assignment where one of us could stay home with the kids and only have one person working. COVID and remote learning is killing our relationship and family life.

You are replaceable at work and with your customers ... you are not replaceable to your family!! So important to keep that in mind!!

You work for your FAMILY not for a company or an employer. Such a eye opening statement to me!

My wife is a high school math teacher. She’s such a good teacher and tries so hard with all of her students. She works so many extra hours uploading videos and helping students after hours. I own a small business. When the pandemic shut things down we put business expenses on our personal credit cards and paid our employees whatever we could do we didn’t have to let anyone go. It has put us in such a tough financial position and caused so much stress and tension.

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