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TEXT TOPIC: Who did your spouse cheat with?

Hubby cheated w/a girl from work, a girl from work, a girl that used to work w/him, & a girl from work. & he was worried bout me havin a job.

My EX HUSBAND when we were married cheated with the girl across the street

my spouse cheated on me with her ex boyfriend from years ago. I caught them in the shower together. I actually punched the guy in the face while they were naked together. Ended me up in jail. Still have trauma from it.

My ex cheated on me with the entire neighborhood I swear. He started with a high school friend of mine, a school mate, a lady at the bar, my friends bridesmaid, and so many more. The last one he cheated with was on the towns most wanted list with him.

our cell phone rep

ex husband cheated with two of his ex's - both of which he said where crazy 🤦🏻‍♀️ they were but so was he!

I was the personal trainer who had relations with a few of my women clients

my husband used to be a personal trainer years before I met him... and he says that this statistic is 100% true. He hooked up with a lot of girls he trained, married or in relationships. He was a ho back in the day lol

my (now ex) husband cheated with a woman who is also married, 12 years younger, And his subordinate at work. They met at work.

my ex was the personal trainer and cheated with one of his clients who also became a personal trainer at the gym.

My ex was a cook at a restaurant and cheated with a dish wash girl couldn't even pull a waitress smh

my husband cheated on me with a chick from Narcotics Annomus. They are both worthless bad words.

I 100% believe that! I was a receptionist at a nutrition office and the amount of married females sleeping with the trainers was unbelievable. And a lot of divorces happened after both men and women lost weight.

My ex-husband had an affair with our best friend's wife. Which resulted in, said friend's, suicide.

My spouse cheated with the young coworker that I caught him having an emotional affair with. He called me paranoid and insecure. They were "just friends". Until they weren't. 10 years of marriage and 2 kids and now we're divorced.

hubby cheated with a cow he worked with. Back burner Brenda gets around with all her co-workers. How's the herpes, B*

ex cheated with his step sister then married her. Lol

it was me, cheated with a church member who served with my hubby in the Bishopric. He HATED my husband, so decided to get back at him with cheating with me. We're still together and working on things. My husband knows it wasn't me that would do this. I still regret everyday for doing it. I still hate myself to this day for hurting the man I love. He's been so forgiving and I feel I don't deserve it.

Husband of 10 yrs,, constantly emotionally cheated on me. To the point where the women would tell him to leave me or just use me for sex. We divorced. 3 years has passed, I bought a house, am engaged & he still is a mess. Jumping from woman to woman, without a dime to his name. Dodged a bullet there.

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