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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Cheer- Netflix

The Freckled Olive – Instagram

The New Spiderman movie

What happened to you book

Limitless book – Jim Kwik

I have the worst anxiety and depression. If you're suffering from this or know someone suffering from this and want to have a understanding, you have to buy Untangle Your Anxiety off of Amazon, it's a book. So helpful!!

handels ice cream is our new fave!! the monkey business ice cream is to die for.

Bob sagets here for you podcast. Very funny and nice to hear his voice again

“The Body Keeps Score” Been through a lot of rough things after putting ex through school, took care of kids, then left. Struggled with weight, hormones out of wack, and this book explains how our body holds onto trauma resonates in disease, weight, exhaustion, and is so helpful in validating why certain things can’t seem to make progress no matter what you do! Helps you to become aware and start to heal yourself! Great book!

Yellowjackets on Showtime. I watched the entire season in a day. So crazy yet so freaking good!

archive81 on Netflix so suspenseful and creepy. It's a good series.

The movie Legend with Tom Hardy he plays the Kray twins (gangsters in London in the 60s) so good! It's on Netflix

I am really into Final Fantasy 14. Been playing it for years and it still so much fun and still pulling on my feels.

Cobra Kai season 4

Fox hunter Podcast really well done

Blake's gourmet. Finally tried them and love them. Thanks Jess!

OMG Frankie! I watched the final episode of Ozark season 3 and am shocked! Can't wait for season 4 on Friday!

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