TEXT TOPIC: What is the most amount of money you've seen in person?

$50,000 + + ... my friend owned and ran a Haunted house and he took the cash and "stashed" in a suitcase in his closet. Said he stopped counting at $50k

had a potential customer ask me EXACTLY how much this Audi would cost. He left &came back 30 mins later with a white envelope with $64k cash in it

Went to some exhibit when I was a teen. There was 1 million dollars in one dollar bills inside a bullet proof cubed shaped safe. Most I've held in my hands was just over 50k.

I worked at a bank and helped carry out over 1.5 million in cash to the Brinks truck

I grew very frugal so seeing $340,000 cash by a family member was mind blowing!

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