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TEXT TOPIC: Did you share a bathroom with a celeb?

I ran into Paulie Shore coming out of a restroom at a beach in Hawaii. We exchanged hellos.

I was at a sports tournament and while I was washing my hands in the BR, a girl working the event came in, smiled and said hello to me, I introduced myself, found out she's a famous model Anna Cheri

unfortunately it's my father in law and he is a looker. Saw Donnie Osmond

I was in the bathroom on my mission in Korea and washed my hands with President Henry B Eyring.

I do security. I escorted Terra Reid to a bathroom in the basement of a building... When we came upstairs I was questioned if I took her downstairs to mess around

when the nba all star game was held in Toronto my brother and I went. He ran into steph curry in the bathroom. While he was meeting him I ended up meeting lebron and Kevin Durant outside waiting for steph crazy times

I went to really small convention in Ogden in 2019 I was taking my makeup off from my cosplay at the end of that particular day at the convention and incomes Toby Stevens (Lost in space 2018) he uses the bathroom wash his hands and leaves. I left him alone.

While my brother in law was at one of the first SLC comic conventions, he got lost looking for a public bathroom. He eventually found one but it was likely the one held for celebrities cause William Shatner and the guy that played Data on Star Trek were both inside.

I was in Nashville at John Rich's private club, went to the bathroom where John's friend Two Foot Fred, the "little person" who was in his Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy music video was in the stall next to me peeing in the floor drain because he couldn't reach the toilet or urinal. Splashed all over my shoes. Lol

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