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TEXT TOPIC: Are you being manipulated by someone?

my husband manipulates me to avoid serious conversations. I have tried to tell him I want a divorce and he pretends to pass out and not remember anything.

sister, MASTER manipulator.

My ex husband and his dumb wife. She thinks she's in charge. He and I were good before she was around. Hate that B

My husband's Grandma has been trying to manipulate and guilt trip us for months. Surprise! I grew up with a manipulator. Ain't falling for that.

I have been manipulated by my ex for the whole marriage of eight years He is a narcissist and a Gaslighter when I left and had my eyes opened and I saw everything from the outside oh yeah he had me manipulated family manipulated friends manipulated he is still the same person it's pretty sad that he can't wake up and see what he's doing and destroying so many things around him

My mom manipulates me! I know she does but I can't do anything about it because I live with her and I can't afford to live on my own. I have a two-year-old daughter and I'm just trying to provide a safe place for my daughter and I to live and right now I am living with my mom but she is nothing but a manipulator narcissist. It sucks honestly

They are called "Covert Narcissists" or just a Narcissist, terrible people! If your spouse is manipulative to you, search covert narcissism in youtube So much good information/videos about it. Ive learned this since figured out why my wife is manipulative towards me.

I have a friend that CONSTANTLY fights with her husband. Usually he's not done anything wrong. As usual, she expects me to drop EVERTHING to come listen to her whine. When I don't she'll say things to me to try to make me feel bad. This last time she came at me on FB. I ignored it & I'm not going to apologize for putting my family 1st. This won't stop till SHE GROWS UP & stops being SELFISH. I'm deciding if we're still gonna be friends

My mother-in-law. She is manipulative and abusive. She's even taught her granddaughter how to be manipulative. She even goes so far as to threaten suicide when she doesn't get what she wants

My friend's soon to be ex-husband was very manipulative. He would self harm whenever she brought up divorce!

my mom is a total emotional manipulator. She lies, everything is someone else's fault, and she's always the victim. After 40 years we're finally helping my dad divorce her.

my cousin manipulates our whole family by threatening suicide. Once I was at my aunts house she didn't like I was there so she texted me saying she needs her mom and if I don't leave, she would kill herself. She needs serious help

EX still tries to manipulate me to get back in my life. They will be super nice, pay child support, be a great parent thinking it will get them brownie points. They will then ask to get back together after all their hard work. Once again I let them know we won't ever get back together we're just friends. Right after they go cold, do not take on any parental duties to "punish" me. Been on repeat every 6 months for years ver 5 years.

my mom is a narcissist. She finally moved out after almost 2 years but now tells the rest of the family how horrible i was when I bent over backwards to make her comfortable. I no longer speak to her outside of family things

majority of the people who are manipulative/Covert Narcissist is because they grew up in a unstable household, was emotionally abused, there parents were a covert narcissist like they are now. They didn't learn any empathy because there parents didn't have any to show. The parents really didn't care about them. It's Very sad in a way.

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