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TEXT TOPIC: Who went off on you?

my brother decided to blow up at me over something that happened 12 years ago that had to with his wife.then went off about things that happened from our childhood when I was 10 years old. He's now stated he wants nothing to do with me and won't talk to me.

While waiting for my wife at Costa Vida leaving on my car, a car passes by and the guy in the passenger seat started yelling at me "going to kick your ass!" So I wait to see what it's all about and he comes running up to me, I get ready and then, "Good hell, you're not the guy! So sorry!" Ended up buying my half salad with lime vinaigrette.

worked at a restaurant,had a lady yell at me because her catering order wasn't waiting for on the counter. She was 2 hours late. I yelled back told her I wasn't going to give people food poisoning cause she can't be on time.

my sister went off on me at Christmas time. She was loading the car to go back to California and I asked her to close the door to the cabin and not let the heat out.

my neighbor went off on me telling me what a bad mom I am

I felt like there was a shift in a friendship I had so I wanted to clear it up before asking her to be in my wedding. She went off on me and it ended the friendship.---- context, she had recently gotten married and it felt like her new husband didn't like me so it felt like there was distance building between us. I reached out to her and asked if I could talk to her about how I felt there was distance and she just went off on me telling me how great she was and how I have never been a good friend. The friendship ended because I didn't like that she was holding anything she's ever done in our friendship against me like a weapon.

recently had a customer call me out on my stressed and bad attitude. It came out on the wrong person. All I could really say to that was you're right, I'm sorry.

I was doordashing and I was at a red light looking at my gps on my phone. I heard honking so I looked over and this 85 year old woman is screaming at me. I roll down my window and I said I'm working, this is gps. This woman then called me a F’ing C and to put my phone away. Pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe a grandma had a mouth like that 😲🤣 I understand not to be on your phone but my street was coming up and I was just looking at where I was going to turn ugh

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