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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone leave you a note? Did you leave someone a note?

I received a letter in my door room from my roommates mom (2nd week living there) for being "unchristlike" because I wore crop tops. The rest of the year was AWKWARD.

I had someone leave a note on my door years ago telling Me that my husband at the time was cheating on me with multiple women… Bye Felicia

we moved in & the neighbors put a note on our car saying we parked too close-they had to park closer to the pole on their side of the pole they included exact measurements ...

In 6th grade a letter was placed in my mailbox. My name, Julia, was super misspelled, and there a picture of a dog and a big "I love you". I think I know who it was, but can't be sure

About a week before Christmas was sitting in the parking lot of Sam's Club. A lady broke someone's driver side mirror with her cart and kept going. Left a message what happen on their windshield and it said, "I hope their luck turns around and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years." Even left a $100 inside to pay it forward.

I left a note on a car that had been following close behind me on our way to Walmart. I cussed him out and called his long hair ugly.

we were at the park practicing basketball with our sons and after we came back to 2 Minky blankets and a note saying have a good day from Anonymous

People that park like J@<× A$$#$ will get a note by me saying, "sorry about hitting your car, I waited for you but had to go, here is my insurance info" then leave it blank. Fun to wait and watch them look around for damage.

left my van door open in a snow storm. Someone left a note that said they shut it for us. It was nice

had 2 notes a couple years ago left on door by a neighbor who was trying to get $ from us. They were threatening about how we called on them about their yard- they were going to call the cops and my husband was a bad dad 🙄 all neighbors hate him. Done it 2 them 2

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