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TEXT TOPIC: What is a turn off or something people need to stop doing?

men need to stop pouting when their wife isn't in the mood, it's a turn off and isn't going to get you some. We already have kids who pout, pouting isn't sexy.

when people blame their zodiac sign for their behavior

I was today years old......is so annoying!

people need to stop hitting "reply all" unless it is actually necessary. Lol

stop with the constant filters on social. Everyone is flawed so celebrate your individuality!

Tell me your a ____ without telling me you're a _____. So dumb and annoying

Getting real sick of social media posts attention seeking for being sick. Posting pics every time at the dr and hospital. Posting long whiny pity me rants...makes me not have any empathy. Sorry not sorry

what grinds my gears ⚙️ is when people

who hardly post on social, and the moment they go on vacation they spam the social as to what they are doing. "I'm here at the beach, I'm here with a drink at the beach, I'm here with a drink at beach watching the waves"

Bad Tipping/rude to service industry employees. Tipping well is the easiest thing you can do to have a direct impact on someone's day and make it better

Me monsters

what's effin annoying are people who start dating and post every little thing they do as a couple. Idgaf if you guys FaceTime, why do I need to see that you guys screen shot your FaceTimes. Ugh.


when people end their sentences with "just sayin'". Have a great conversation, intriguing conversation, then "just sayin'" rears it's head and the person turns into Mater from Cars

dear husband STOP comparing our kids childhood to yours, doesn't matter what it is food, school, biked, ect... completely different times!! STOP! so annoying

A big turn off for me is when people are posting on their snapchat videos of them smoking.. like NO ONE CARES. Also what's with the face tattoos!? You look like a DETENTION DESK!

stop posting you "green smoothie" of the day!

need to stop saying Did Not Disappoint it sounds negative like you're expecting negativity

When a guy you hardly know hits you with the line "without me?"

I hate when people say "the good old days" or "back in my day"! There has been awful Sh*t happening in every generation but people tend to overlook the bad and glorify the good to make their generation look better! Get over it!

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