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TEXT TOPIC: Wanna get something off your chest?

I don't need financial advice from someone who isn't great with money. We work 4 jobs in our house. Rental is insane and so is everything else. We are doing the best we can. We need positivity

Stop acting like a kid and thinking the world owes u. Your 56 and u refuse to take care of yourself. Stop abusing the gov

To my manager, stop talking crap about me to my coworker, if you have a problem with me talk to me. Your toxic and I can't wait to find a new job!

Dear brother-in-law, move out of my driveway already!

Hey jerk, I didn't mean to text you. I know things didn't end well but you didn't have to be such a dick

Dear parents, when your kids test positive for covid KEEP THEM HOME, stop sending them to school to infect all the other kids.

Hubs decided that I would go back to work and he would quit his after our baby was born. Didn't tell me until the night before I went back to the job I absolutely hate

I wish u would have just talked to me about ur feelings before U had the emotional affair. Now I am always doubting your feelings 2wards me and what ur doing. U ruined me.

Jill, you're toxicity is ruining this family. The day they put you in the ground will be the best day of my life.

Follow up to last week, my tree is still up. Now it's a Valentine's Day tree! Take that mother-in-law! 😂

Hey principal, I am sick with Covid, The 5 day isolation is for asymptomatic people. So stop getting mad that I have a sub in my class unless you want a whole school full of sick people.

Hey salt lake school district, how about instead of complaining about no subs, you step up like Granite and canyons and offer subs some more incentives and bonuses to work right now.

You need to be here for end of month. I don't believe you are "sick" the last week of every month since you started.

spoiled entitled manipulative. You are an adult. Stop acting like a child.

Dear friends I wish you would stop or let up on the teasing and belittling joke while I recover from the failed relationship and while I'm trying to start my business

Me: finally catches up on my bills My car: check engine light turns on

I am a teacher. Parents! No not all the teachers and students are attacking your kid! But when your child is vulgar and threatening students sexual your student is going to have consequences! Quit making excuses for your student and take some god damn responsibility!! -a pissed off teacher

Stop asking if my kids are vaccinated, I work for you not them!

While I'm at it. I don't work for UDK, I'm a housekeeper. I clean and shine. I don't clean disasters.

Tell your boss to stop buying you gifts. I'm about to make you quit your job.

Hey pay your freaking phone bill so I don't have to!

What's up with couples wanting to be in open relationships? Like do being loyal mean anything

I'm tired of the insults you sling with a smile and your when I call you out, your smug "I'm sorry you thought I was being rude." I see you.

Stick to own your department and stop trying to micromanage my department. We have our job that we do well so stop assuming that we aren't doing it.

should never blame a mother of a very young child with cancer. Ever. It's genetic and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it. She took every measure possible and had it removed the day after they found it. You need therapy

Mom, just because my job isn't a government job anymore doesn't mean it isn't a good job. I left that awful job to better myself and my mental health.

All you asshats who think the 2 seconds you save speeding through my crosswalk in the morning I hope you have the day you deserve.

Don't tell me I'm a good parent and then turn around and tell me how to parent my child. Newsflash, you are her grandparents, not her parents.

To my roommate If you have been feeling sick for the last week why only yesterday you got tested? You live with 3 more people that have jobs and especially me that I'm a nanny of a 2 year old Because you are positive I have to get tested and loose 2 days of work. And wait in a line for 5 hours yes

Hey gym newbies, gym etiquette is a thing. Learn it, know it, use it!

So nice of you to call me out on fb when I told you I wasn't feeling well and my hubby has been having health issues too. And that were the reasons why I couldn't drop EVERYTHING to come sit and listen to you whine about why your fighting with your husband this time. How about this- GROW UP, STOP BEING SELFISH and most of all, STOP TRYING TO MANIPULATE me. YOU'RE the problem, not him! I'm deciding if we're still gonna be friends.

I CHOOSE not to drink, what your thoughts are play no role in my choice. I've drank before whether you approved or not. I might have made some bad choices before but I'm at a different place in life and the choice is MINE. Don't try calling me out at a family party.

I work at Walmart. To the people who always move the Rotating bag thing While I'm still putting groceries in. Stop. It won't make things go any faster.

To the stupid semi driver who keeps honking their horn when they pass my house and waking up my 3 month baby! I will destroy you! Knock it off!!! We know you're there!!! Think of others

Even though we are in a relationship, no means no. Rape is rape. I won't be forgiving you over night.

Love my in laws but everyone has that one person that brags about everything stop it no one cares.

"Bad drivers" w shopping carts at Costco, you do not need to take up the entire aisle & reign your children in.

I know how your kids act at school. They aren't as perfect as you think, BISHOP.

You proclaim to Be a self righteous Christian when in reality you are the most evil person our whole family knows

My sister told me to divorce my husband because she's miserable and just got divorced and is projecting seeing problems where there aren't any

Hey T, quit being a jerk to me because you feel like it. You will NOT like it when I snapback!

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