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TEXT TOPIC: Have you never left your home state? Why?

my grandma who is 86 has never left the state and hasn't drove on a freeway either!

Went to a diner in Logan, few years back. Waitress had never been out of Logan, Didn't know where Clearfield was? Really?

My daughter's bf, Tanner, never has been out of the state of FL, until this last summer when came with us to Utah. He instantly fell in love with Utah and wants to move there now. Which made my daughter happy cuz she can't wait to be out of FL and back to her beloved home state, Utah

me & hubs. We're in our 30's. I have always been dying to go but not him. He says it's not safe. I think no matter where we go it isn't totally safe

my mom didn't travel outside of Utah until she got married and went to Hawaii 6 years ago. I think she was 40.

my sister in law hadnt left Utah. So my husband and I paid for his brother to take her to Florida for a week! Last March. 35 at the time

this is my father in law. Up until 3 years ago, when he had to travel with us to KY for his sons Med school graduation, he stayed in Utah. He looked like a cat being dropped in water as we found the Seats on the plane

My 47 year old brother refuses to leave Utah because he says there are no disaster or terrorist movies that take place in Utah so it's the safest place to be.

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