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TEXT TOPIC: Do you want to pat yourself on the back?

I was pre qualified for a home loan 💵 hard work finally paid off!!

Just like the other person, I got up today after dealing with a serious bout of depression. I got up, got three kiddos ready and headed out the door for a job interview. Here we go!

My cookies were shown on studio 5 yesterday and it was an amazing feeling for my cookies to get some love!! 💕 hard work pays off!!

Being an almost 42 year old single full time Mom, working full time and started as a freshman in college yesterday. I'll graduate the same year my daughter does from High School. Toot toot!

My 18 yr old daughter made the US deaf national soccer team and will be competing at the deaf olympics in Brazil this May

I am going to therapy to heal from my childhood trauma have been going for about a month now and I already feel so much better Let's put this childhood trauma in the past

I want to pat myself on the back... I got up this morning!

Just landed a fully remote job as an RN after working 10 years in clinical/with patients and in the hospital. Bittersweet but I am really excited about this new opportunity.

My family owns a local salsa company and our entire salsa crew are down with covid or out of town. And I have to step up to get orders out.

I got a job with Jane.com recently that I worked so hard to get!! Went through at least 13 interviews before getting a job there! 😇🙏

That Professor Story..oh my gosh! That girl who started the scholarship... Let's show you what women can do! Jerk!

Can I get the info about that scholarship? My daughter is graduating and wants to be a chemical engineer.

Wanted to pat myself on the back for having purchased my fifth printer in the last year since it is cheaper than buying ink! Ink cartridge prices are ridiculous, but so is buy new printers to pay less. My yard sale is going to rock! -CK

Wanted to give my self a big hand. After graduating from the U and working hard to get into the company I wanted to work for. Finally made it. I'll be working at Vandalay industry beginning in February as an apprentice architect

I graduated from the DATC (Davis Technical College) as a Surgical Technologist! Aka “scrub tech”. So excited to be done and get to do this job in the OR that I’m loving!

I'm so proud of myself, I graduated with a bachelors degree and now going to start a masters program that I will finish in may 2023!!

Pat myself on the back. I'm the youngest of 5 kids and Ive taken over my parents bills due to my father having cancer. Although Im the youngest I feel I'm able to help the most.

I finished my masters degree in the midst of my husband leaving me and dealing with my fathers passing and being the executor.

I wanna give myself a pat for being there for my dad during his last days last year and helping my parents when none of my siblings wanted to.

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