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TEXT TOPIC: Did you take other people on your honeymoon?

My husband and I eloped to Vegas 17 years ago my best friend was our witness and came with us and slept in our room with us....in separate beds of course and partied with us all weekend...would not have had it any other way

my BF and her husband came and I was so ok with it. I was in a miserable relationship so this made it feel enjoyable, I was 18 young and dumb.

in laws were planning a vaca to Hawaii offered to pay for us to go too for our honeymoon. FIL seemed annoyed we didn't want to do everything w/ them tho

we got married the weekend before spring break and went on a cruise for a honeymoon and we pretty much cruised with all of our college friends not planned

My mother in law her, new husband and one of his kids and their spouse came on my honeymoon I wasn't happy at all and didn't have fun, it actually really sucked and I didn't get to do anything I wanted to do. But hubby doesn't like traveling without his mom.

I have a daughter From a previous marriage. We went to Park city for our honeymoon. And about two days and I just missed her so much that we drove back out to West Jordan and picked her up and she came on the remainder of our honeymoon with us. But we were both totally OK with that my husband was really great about it

my parents came with us. They got us our flights so we were ok with it. Once we were there i just did my best to avoid them. It felt a little awkward

my husband and I went on a cruise but when we got back my in laws joined us at Disneyland for the last leg of our honeymoon. I was okay with it because I was cheap and they paid haha I was not okay that they wanted to share a room

Went with my Hubby's whole family to Lake Powell. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. All stayed on the houseboat together. I just went along with it because I didn't want to cause issues, but I wish I would have had a backbone back then to say no!! I tell him all the time he still owes me a real honeymoon!!

my fiancé and I were discussing this! He thinks it would be fine to have his 18 year old son go with us. ??!?!!

Took the kids to Disneyland...it was great...went to Hawaii a month later, just the two of us

No we didn't go but my daughter and son in law got married 2.5 years ago and they went on a cruise for their honeymoon and my 90 year old grandmother said that someone needed to go with them and keep an eye on them. 😆 We did not go. Mind you they are in their 20's! Hahaha

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the MIL threw a fit she wasn't going with them and that they couldn't share a hotel room on their wedding nights save $

we couldn't get anyone to come with us on our honeymoon. It was a first time cruise for either of us. My first marriage and it was his 2nd. We had been together for 8 years and had a 5 year old. Everyone kept saying it's your honeymoon! We were like .. we have a kid... nothing new is going to happen! Lol we had a fun honeymoon without anyone else!

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