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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone ruin/spoil something for you?

years ago when Harry Potter book 6 came out my dumb brother told me Dumbledore died

My mother in law ruined The Sixth Sense for one of her sons. She blurted out, "can you believe he's been dead?!" We still give her crap for it. Haha

My friend told me about my 25th surprise birthday party my sister was planning for me. My sister was so mad at her!

29 yrs ago I went for my ultrasound (2nd child)I didn't want to know the gender. The tech and I were talking about me having a first child, a boy, and she said "oh you already have a boy" It dawned on me what she had said as I was leaving my appointment. I never told anyone!!

husband ruined the challenge, he tried to see who won last season but instead found out who won this current season we weren't caught up on

Had a murder mystery dinner in college, it Was like the first round and my clue card said the murderer and that I should tell the group. I debated a long time then told the group! Turns out it was a misprint! Oops

my sis told my uncle and aunt I was pregnant. We were on vacation and talking about hot tubbing. (I was playing it off) and my sis just said "well you can't do that since..." then realized. I was only 8 weeks along and it was unplanned. I ended up telling the room that day.

watched the new Spider-Man with my brother he already seen it he was about to finished his sentence and old lady behind us smack his head to not spoil it and I laughed and high fived her

My wife did not want to find out what we were having. Her mom and I did find out the gender. Her mom slipped and said something to ruin the surprise! -Her and her mom were at the store shopping for the baby and her mom kept pushing for her to buy things that were more Boyish, and she said multiple times "Little Guy".

we announced that we were pregnant to our moms, we had been trying for a while so we were all super excited. Then my mother in law felt the need to post it on social media before I could tell anyone else.

Jess spoiled a Masked Singer episode. I was planning on watching it after listening to your show. I spoiled a movie by giving the twist away in front of 2 friends who hadn't seen it yet.

brother was wanting to purpose to his girlfriend. Grandpa knew then saw his girlfriend and asked, "I heard he bought you a ring!"

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