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TEXT TOPIC: Your family wants you to get into the family biz?

Parents own an electrical company. I worked there for 10 years before leaving to pursue my passion for performing arts. Lost out on a free truck, lunch every day, and inheritance. Couldn't be happier.

Gma & Mom ran a trucking logistics company & convinced me to join em. I lasted 3mo. Not for me. Sadly, it has since closed down.

work for the family finance business, been here for 10 years. Don't want to be here anymore, but just not sure what I want for a different career as this has been my whole life and also afraid the company may not be able to stick around unless we can get away from our old ways.

I left 40k stock on the table at a company I was with for 7 years to go to the fam business. My dad didn't tell me that it was almost bankrupt... found that out after

my grandparents own a storage unit business. My uncle works there but isn't good for the business b/c he lets people not pay on time or pay at all. My Gpa wants my dad to help run and get the business back on track but he fights w/ his bro about what to do. My dad keeps trying to get out but it's hard

the business had been in the family for generations. I wanted to go into it, my dad wouldn't let me since he had been forced.

a land surveying company my great grandpa started. My dad is now retiring and is selling it.

best friend works for his family business. He likes working for it but doesn't feel like he's taken seriously and also taken advantage of. Feels like he has to work twice as much for half the credit. Thinks he will eventually leave because of that unfortunately

my family has in the dry cleaning business and when I was younger they had me come in as a delivery boy and work in the shop as well. I would work 30 to 45 hours a week and they would give me $50 a week! That just wasn't enough to cut it but they were pretty pissed when I decided to not stay in the family business.

i basically took over for my hubby's sales business even though I never wanted to be part of it. I don't feel like I had a choice. My daughter is showing interest in it and hubby is super excited about but I am trying to push her to do other things.

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